Shard mutations not changed in around a month again


Hi @Riley_D I know you’re busy with reborn but the shard mutations haven’t changed in ages again, it was supposed to change weekly and it’s closer to monthly now, I did say something about it 2 weeks ago but I think you were busy with OC5 then, any chance you can change them this week?


ggggrrrrrrrrr Rickness. Just after the new records you want a mutation change. Another motive behind it :smirk:


or ya’ know, it was supposed to change weekly on a Monday, today is Monday so I thought I’d try to see if they are ever going to change

As you can see I’ve tried before^ it’s got nothing to do with records. J is the one that wanted to do the records, I just wanted to clear certain shards for the armory achievements that aRkker made


I will change them here in a bit.


Return of aggressive time?:joy::joy:


nooooooooooooooooooo ;[ welp have to live with it


The new mutations were fun and all but could you change the mutations again @Riley_D? It has already been 17 days ago again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m hoping it’s automated in reborn so this doesn’t keep happening, Johann used to remind Riley to change them quite a bit before he got banned, now it seems it has fallen on us to do it


Yeah we have a system that will automate all of this for Reborn. I am rotating them today when I push out a new patch with some other server-side changes.


Awesome news! Thanks!


Ok and what are the new mutations?


Discontent, and Unstable again :frowning:


Resurrection but this time it’s bosses


…that should be doable :smile:


Well it was the Unstable that was the worse and the Last Stand that was seriously only making the Desert Ghouls and Tradu Crypt harder. So the almost guaranteed wipe on multiple T10 mob groups is still there :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


Does last stand still affect dino babies or did that get fixed?


It still affects the dino babies but Last Stand is not a major mutation anymore this week (month).


Why unstable AGAIN… sorry but its soooo annoying :roll_eyes:


Because it’s RNG, depends what Riley rolls, we had a few nice ones back to back before, it’s just the luck of the draw


@Riley_D your weekly reminder to plz change the mutations again :slight_smile: