Shard mutations not changed in around a month again


Hi @Riley_D I know you’re busy with reborn but the shard mutations haven’t changed in ages again, it was supposed to change weekly and it’s closer to monthly now, I did say something about it 2 weeks ago but I think you were busy with OC5 then, any chance you can change them this week?


ggggrrrrrrrrr Rickness. Just after the new records you want a mutation change. Another motive behind it :smirk:


or ya’ know, it was supposed to change weekly on a Monday, today is Monday so I thought I’d try to see if they are ever going to change

As you can see I’ve tried before^ it’s got nothing to do with records. J is the one that wanted to do the records, I just wanted to clear certain shards for the armory achievements that aRkker made


I will change them here in a bit.


Return of aggressive time?:joy::joy:


nooooooooooooooooooo ;[ welp have to live with it