Sheep Appreciation Post


Didnt they start to randomly attack u after that pic? Hmm

Just look at that smile!

…they know…


Beautiful, gentle, the epitome of innocence!


When a sheep changes into a shifter it’s a baaaaaaaaaaaad situation. That is why I always try to take the path of fleece resistance… those things will lambush ya otherwise…

If the sheep in Orbus were like the players and had no legs, I would call them clouds.

Of course I am sure everyone has herd this before…


I must say a shifter took me by surprise yesterday and killed me. Didnt take it seriously cuz it had a green triangle. Dont mess with the fluffers.

I underestimated it until i saw that it was an elite monster. Now i farm them in hopes of getting a good drop.


Do they drop anything?

So far they just drop crap like small tongues, im hoping for something good tho, maybe a brand new transmog or cape. @Mathieu_D hint hint

Why encourage the senseless slaughter of the sheep?

Those would be nice. There has to be some reason to spend time on them. Not that easy to kill.

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I have killed several hundred of them since release… tho the last couple days they seem scarce… but the only drop I have gotten that I would consider uncommon to the area is Charcoal Dye…
That doesn’t mean there isn’t something rarer tho…

at next update - everyone who hasn’t killed a sheep gets a new transmog. turns out the dev’s liked the sheep and there werent any rare drops.