Shield Transmog DLC

I’d happily pay $10-$20 for a DLC pack that gives shield transmogs. Wooden shields, metal, foil, etc.


I would love, LOOOOOVE to see different transmogs or different shield styles!

I think the shields were made the way they are - blue translucent - so you can watch the enemy while you defend, so, a new style would probably be translucent too.

I don’t play Warrior too much, so for the ones who do, please tell me if I’m wrong! Would a solid shield be bad for fights?

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Could still make it transparent but with new shapes and designs. Would be another fun way to customize.
If it were via DLC can there maybe NOT be spiders? The amount of spiders in the game & dlc is far too many :scream:

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I would also be totally fine with paying 5 $ for a weapon transmog and 10 for a armor bundle if they look cool

Honestly, not really. It would be a little worse but not enough to matter. It would be personal preference as to whether it’s worth it or not

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Even better! More customization!

I warrior most of the time when i tank i mean the blue doesn’t really help but i do have to point healthbar on when i tank to see the bosses moves. Sheild transmogs would be sick tho.


With how i hold my shield it could be completely opaque and not really bother me.
I have it tilted toward me so the top of it is in my head, this is what I’ve found to be most consistent and it makes it so I don’t have to look through the shield at all.


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