Shield Transmogs

I’m not sure how much of a technical challenge it is, but giving Warriors different transmogs for their shields would be a HUGE awesome…uh…thing?

Players get more transmogs.
Warriors look cooler.
Small Shield should be easy because it’s a circle.

Devs have more work to do.
Large shield is funny shape.


I think this would get more people playing warrior just to get the cool transmogs.

Never having played warrior, is there a functional reason why the shield is that translucent blue?

For functionality, it’s nice that you can see through it to see the boss because you keep the shield in your face, but honestly I don’t see it making much of a difference.

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Even being a different design while still being translucent or a different color could be enough honestly.

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been asking for this for too long. i have no hope in this ever happening tbh :neutral_face:

Shield dye! Primary would be shield color, secondary would be broken shield color. Dye the weapon, and the shield color would change.

Won’t ever happen though :confused:.

Instead, can we get some Warrior DPS Buffs?

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