Shouldn't it be possible to remove all delay from runemage casting?



Right now, when you cast a spell, the server checks what spell, if any, you cast. This creates a delay because your client has to hear back from the server before it can know if the spell cast or not. But shouldn’t it be possible to eliminate this delay?

Imagine if both the client and the server had the ability to check your spells. The client could verify immediately what spell you cast, and let you get on with the next spell, even if it’s still waiting to hear back from the server. Of course, the server would still be the official arbiter of what you do or don’t cast, but this system would allow the player to get on to their next spell without waiting.

In the case where the client and server disagree over what you cast, it means that the player’s game is hacked or corrupt, and you can kick them, so there’s no risk in a player hacking the client to cheat their spells.


they’ve already addressed this for reborn.


No they haven’t. That only addresses the delay for firing a spell that is on your wand already. There is still a delay between when you press the button, and when the spell appears on your wand.


pretty sure he mentioned that it was for both delays previously.


Sadly he doesn’t say how he did it so we will have to find out in the beta :man_shrugging: I gave the exact same suggestion to reduce cast delay months ago, so there is a change he did something like that.


So I tested it in-game, and it works exactly the way I described it. There is still a delay when you press the button to submit your drawing, but there is no delay for firing your spell.


I noticed the same. When experiencing high latency there is a noticeable delay between hitting the submit button and the server getting back to you on if you drew a valid rune or not.

Worse, a few times I wouldn’t get the “fail noise” when an invalid drawing was executed.

Both were only noticeable to me when in a crowded area or my own connection was poor. Don’t really have these issues the majority of the time.