Simple Sword Combo quest

A simple sword combo quest is a fun way of learning combo and giving small amount of experience reward to a beginner. Npc tells players how to make combo happen, players show the combo - finished (more or less).

Learning combo from wiki at the start is … not real in-game, maybe its a level limited quest - learn it when still below level 3. Players need to learn that from wiki for instead when at level 3.

If u could learn it from wiki, why bother to get it from npc ? Its a fun for game playing and there is small amount experience reward, so Its not totally worthless.

This way of simple quests for beginner could be applied on other stuff if needed. ( dev’s job lol)


Yeah, we will definitely be adding additional class-specific quests to teach the advanced mechanics of each class into the game. Just something that hasn’t made it in yet.


Glad to know its planned. Really lots of work to do.