Size of game world?

Hello, we’re curious to the size of the game world. If you were to compare it to, say, Skyrim as an example.

According to what the devs have said in the past, the entire world is 9 square kilometers in size. (The world of OrbusVR is divided into zones; each zone is 1 square kilometer in size.)

If you’re new to OrbusVR, you may want to check out This and many other interesting facts await you. Of course, you’re always welcome to ask questions here. :man_with_turban:


I’m pretty sure that the developers intend to add to the game world as time goes on.

No doubt. And I think it’s reasonable to say that the “9 km world” also doesn’t take into account the instanced dungeon wings, building interiors, and so on. :man_with_turban:

I mean, just in terms of ‘in-game kilometers’, the current “overworld” is 9 sq km. That doesn’t take into account the size of instances and dungeons, which will probably be another 1 or 2 sq km. But, anyway, according to this:

The puts it about 1/5th the size of Skyrim.

I honestly don’t know how useful of a comparison that is, since probably what’s more interesting is how much stuff there is to do in that size of space, not how much raw land there is. Also, as others have pointed out, that is just the planned size at launch, we’ll be adding a lot more over the life of the game.

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I think that it’s best to do things the way that you are doing them, starting out small with a lot of stuff to do, rather than having a huge world with sparse content. I’m sure that in time, after the game has been released, we will see more land added to the world to keep things interesting, but it will take some time to explore all 9 square km of land plus the dungeons.

Also, if my math is correct, that means that we will have approx 81 kilometers of land to explore, excluding the dungeons. That is really a lot of land to explore!

Edit: My math was incorrect, Look at Zardulu’s post below. Still plenty of space though.

Why isn’t there an option to do a strike through on the incorrect text here?

Well it’s 9 sq km, not 9 km sq(uared). There are 9 1km x 1km zones. So more like a 9km long hallway that’s 1km wide, not a square grid that’s 9km on each side. (Not that the zones are laid out in a line.)

Still a very large space when you’re walking it! :man_with_turban:

Ah, I misread the size, though yes it’ll still be quite large to walk. :stuck_out_tongue: