Skill based ideas to level


Hi Orbus Team,

I am having great fun playing Orbus and love what you guys are doing.

Since you are in beta I thought I’d give some suggestions on replayable content.

It would be really cool to have different skills to work on with different sets of benefits. Currently, I think the way fishing works is perfect and believe you should add to it. For example I would love to see a farming skill to grow different food for combat regeneration, construction skill for adding different useful house tables, crafting skill for different armors from material drops, wood cutting skill where as you level you can cut different trees that can help with construction and more. You can even add quests that require some skills to be completed or help unlock them, like the mage one.

The goal would be to have each skill able to assist the other, like mining and crafting, but if you’d rather just buy it via stall to say time on a specific skill, you directly benefit the player who enjoys going around the overworld collecting stuff. Makes for a fun and interesting economy.

There are so many possiblities, but this will allow players to focus on leveling these skills to gain money, trade, and craft useful items to help assist them in different activities and creates a more social game in the process.

It would be sort of like the runescape system and I believe that since your currently able to switch classes on one single character makes it perfect for this system and creates longevity. Also, gives freedom to add new skills with future expansions.

Sorry for such a long post. Your game is awesome and I cannot wait for reborn.

Thank you guys for all your hard work.


We’d definitely love to do more with this and there is a new crafting class planned as well.


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