Skill ideas for when the lvl limit goes to 40

Lvl 40 skill: Duel Wand

Use two wands and, similar to how you control your dragon in races, you will control your spells as well

Lvl 40 skill: polymorph chaos

Couldn’t think of a 2nd skill so, the ability to not be limited by one chicken, instead you can turn multiple enemies into chickens

That concludes my idea on lvl 40 skills

Seems like a Good idea, untill you realise that it’s quite easy to glitch both hands into one controller… instant double spells

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Not sure if you’re new here or not (I’ve never seen you), but there’s a major dps issue going on that they’re trying to fix and this would not help

Hm yah, played a dungeon yet? Multiple chicken are rarely or never needed apart from that you can’t chicken elites, which pose the most issues in dungeons.

Other than that assuming “lvl limit goes to 40”…? Not sure if it’s clear to OP what that means, it would require a major, major patch, remake of all shard gear, which is useless then, remake of the entire endgame content, raids, all dungeons, everything.

Raising level cap amounts to release of a new version of the game similar to the Reborn-Overhaul. Now the forthcoming thing announced for the year is nothing like this, but the island and raid content which is part of the Lvl 30 endgame. So this would make no sense if it’s not around for months to play.

Any suggestions made for a raise of lvlcap are just fantasies, currently, which likely will long be buried once a major change like this is in sight imo…