Sliding/Locomotion Suggestions

Dracil and I were discussing on Discord the sliding locomotion behavior that when a controller is tilted vertically off the horizon, sliding motion slows down proportionally to the angle of the controller. Is this behavior intentional?

The only guess I have if it’s not a bug is to allow yourself to control the speed of your sliding. I play on Oculus so I don’t know how it works ergonomically for Vive users with trackpads, but having the speed controlled by the analog stick is sufficient and I would like an option to turn the “tilt detection” off.

While I’m on topic about sliding locomotion, is there a mechanical reason that our stamina meter reduces when running into the edge of the walkable grid even though we are no longer moving? I can concede if there is a balance reason for why that is the case, but right now it seems to be a direct disadvantage to those who prefer sliding locomotion as we are unable to see the floor boundaries until we’ve run into them and eaten up some stamina.

The only thing I can’t remember is if this affects combat directly (I’m pretty sure it does for sprinting), but even if not it seems like a bug.

Edit: I KNEW I forgot something:

I feel like the lower threshold on the side-to side function of the sticks is too high. I don’t find myself fine-strafing very often, but there are times when I’d like to rotate my playspace juuuuuust a little bit and the rotation stick doesn’t kick in at all until about 20-or-so percent and by then it’s moving at a pretty good pace so fine adjustments are out. If it’s another vive-trackpad workaround I can understand it but I’d love a way to toggle that as well.


Oops, I just made a duplicate thread of this exact thing. Totally agree that controller tilt should not affect speed. The Vive works the same where you touch further out on the pad to move faster.

I think he is saying if he tilts the actual controller (not the stick) it affects the speed. This is not how Vive works it’s only based on how far from the center of the touchpad you are touching.

Edit: I could be wrong I haven’t played around with slide movement because I can’t stand the teleport/touch mechanic. I don’t recall the orientation of the controller affecting speed.

As a side note if and dev’s read this please please allow one of the Vive controllers to activate teleportation (clicking in) without moving as soon as we touch the pad. It’s very annoying to move a little bit every time I want to teleport because I have to touch the pad before I can click it in.

You are mistaken, that is how the Vive works.

In that case I agree with you. It doesn’t make sense to have two methods to adjust speed.

I use the tilt to control my speed while I’m using Auto-run. Maybe the tilt to control speed is only on when using auto-run?.

No it’s definitely on all the time. It does seem as though teleport is still slightly faster than sliding, but I think where a lot of people find themselves going very slow is that they are slightly touching the touch pad on the controller they aren’t moving with. I catch myself doing this all the time.

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I’m guessing it wasn’t a deliberate decision to make it work that way so much as it’s just taking the horizontal component of the controller’s vector. It needs to scale that horizontal component to the full length.

This was a deliberate decision, it’s the same way it works (or at least worked at the time) in Onward which is basically what we based ours on as at the time that was the “popular” way to do it (although that was a long time ago).

I will look into adding an option to turn it off, though, but I don’t see any reason to remove it since for some people it’s probably a lot easier to just go full-throttle by touching the edge of the trackpad and then angle the speed than it is to have to touch only partway.

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Oh, if you actually use it, that complicates things. Do you point it up to stop and gather resources? Do you slow down for other purposes?

I thought it was pointless to ever go slower so didn’t expect someone to actually use the feature.

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Now that I hear the use-case for auto-run I can understand the utility.

I don’t want to set a precedent for requesting that every possible combination of toggles should be accessible to the player for everything, so a simple on-off would do away with all the issues I currently have with it.

I can always see myself playing with an “only when auto-running” option were it available, but again… see previous point.

Locomotion is one of the few cases where I think having as many (reasonably) customizable options as possible significantly increases accessibility. I think orbus has a good set of movement options and all of these requests are really just QOL improvements.

I’m sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere but having the ability to do a robo-recall-esque rotate-teleport with a pad/stick would be great too, but would clearly require a more in-depth rework than (we presume) a few simple toggles would.

Adjusting your walking speed is a lot more relevant in a game like onward than it is in an MMO. And you’re correct, in onward you can control your speed from both the thumbs trackpad position as well as the orientation of the controller. However, while I agree with the other users post that it’s not a good precedent to insist on a setting for everything, it is a little annoying to have to perfectly keep it straight in order to get your maximum speed. As such I think in this case it’s warranted to put in an option to toggle this off.


Just bought the game tonight, loving it so far but came here to say this really has been my only gripe! I didn’t think it was intentional. A toggle off option would be lovely!!

Actually, I mainly agree with the OP this is pretty annoying to keep the right angle at anytime to go at full speed. My other issue is with the touch reaction: to go at full speed you must be on the edge of the pad, which mean you must tilt your thumb vertically to the edge.
I’d really feel that when I tilt vertically my thumb should be the equivalent to walk on the tiptoe, very slowly, while when I put my full thumb on the pad should be full run.

Wouldn’t it be possible to only take the direction from the pad position, and use the pressure as the speed control?

Should probably close this thread, option added as of latest patch to disable this. Kudos to dev team for adding it so quickly


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