Sliding not working after some zoning

I use sliding for locomotion almost exclusively. However, I’ve noticed that after zoning, especially after leaving my house (can’t confirm all other examples of zoning, but I think leaving the chef’s house did it too) that I can’t slide.
Teleporting once resets this, and then I can slide again. It’s not a massive thing, but it is noticeable.

I believe this might be what you are seeing. If you wait a little longer after transitioning before you try to slide does it work?

I tryed (whit last update) and even after a minute i still can’t slide whitout first pressing the track pad to teleport
(Tried 3 times on Chef Letrow house whit htc vive)

This sounds more like something on my end, I thought i had gotten fixed but if you notice anywhere else in particular (like exiting chefs house, or teleporting to the bottom of certian stairs) let me know and I will get it fixed. THanks

It both happened entering and leaving chef house, i’m gonna test in other location.

I also noticed that if you activate teleport and then slide through the “zone/portal” mostly on bridges the lines showing where you can teleport disappear however you can still teleport within the normal bounds.

I hit this reliably when I die. I end up in a cemetery and have to teleport once to start trackpad locomotion again. But I use trackpad almost exclusively.

I’m on a Rift.

OK, I did this a few times and found that sliding does not work immediately after:

  • Exiting my house
  • Entering the chef’s house
  • Exiting the chef’s house

Entering my house, teleporting to my house and climbing various stairs did not cause the problem, it was limited to the three scenarios above. Not a massive problem, but noticeable.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but shortly after accepting the “kill 10 ghosts” quest, I lost all ability to move. I could still shoot stuff and talk to people, my teleport button was just a red arc, and sliding did not work. Teleporting to my house fixed the problem.

I’m using a Vive to play.

On a related topic, if you slide into an object adjacent to a legal move (say, next to a tree or boundary land by water, or a wall in the city), you’ll often get locomotion “stuck” and require a teleport to get your slide working again. I think if you slide in the opposite direction, you’ll also be fine, but it’s very jarring to get hung up on a wall when you’d expect to be loco’ed a little sideways to continue in the same direction you wanted to go!

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Agreed, it’s more than a little awkward how sticky the walls and every other obstacle is. You can’t push forward or to the side, you have to back up or teleport (which takes a moment for your stamina to build).

I’ve gotten very accustomed to having to do an initial teleport when leaving my house and other places. I guess the locomotion zone doesn’t quite extend to where you spawn in.

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