Slow during combat

I’m just thinking in terms of endgame boss encounters, would be nice if you could continue to run normal speed if you haven’t attacked something or been directly hit for a couple seconds. I can imagine getting ready for the aoe fire attack and making sure you stop attacking so you can dodge everything that comes. I feel like mechanics may be limited if we move at a snails pace like we do now. then again I do enjoy not being able to spam movement, so you have to use movement wisely. What do you guys think? what’s the benefits or lack there of for having the current movement mechanics while in combat?

I only want an option to use the stamina by default, without hold the grip.
As a ranger i sometimes need to go back while keep shooting and that extra button to hold doesn’t help at all, it’s even unconfortable for me.

Yeah I rarely sprint. It feels awkward to grab the grip button while moving and attacking

So just to be sure since you didn’t actually mention it, are you aware of the Sprinting? If you hold the Grip button down while you are in combat you will use your Stamina to move at a normal speed, which you can do once every 3 seconds or so to move really quickly. Which sounds like exactly what you’re asking for.

I could probably add this. I also considered allowing pressing down on the Touchpad to Sprint (so if you have your thumb at the top near the edge and press down, you Sprint).

I think in general the Grip button on the Touch controllers is just so much more comfortable…


I had no idea i could sprint. just moving wastes that little pink bar so i assumed that was it. good to know i’ll have to try it out now :slight_smile:

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