Slow Internet Speeds

Did anyone participate in any of the Stress Tests with relatively slow internet speeds? If so, at what speeds? and did you have considerable challenges with lag that made playing/testing impossible?

I know @Riley_D noted that they “Re-did underlying network architecture to be more reliable for spotty Internet connections.” Although I can sometimes get speeds around 5 mbp/s down - it usually hangs closer to 2. Wondering if the game will even be playable. :confused:

fingers crossed

So in terms of bandwidth, the game actually uses very little. Our target is to use no more than 256 kb/s, and that would only be if you were in an area that had like 60 players in it all moving around and talking. If you’re with a group of 5 people in a dungeon it would be more like 20kb/s. So in terms of the Alpha, if you just want to use as little bandwidth as possible, my recommendation would be to leave the starting area as quickly as possible…based on previous tests what ends up happening is 100 people end up just sort of hanging out in the starting village for long periods of time (which is totally fine, it’s just going to use a lot of bandwidth).

But yeah I think we’re going to list the “required specs” for bandwidth as 1mb/s download / 256kb/s upload just to give ourselves some head room, so you should be totally fine.

More important than bandwidth, though, is reliability of your connection. Even if you have a 100mb/s Internet speed, if your connection is really spotty and you have frequent packet loss (or “jitter” as it’s sometimes called), that would lead to lots of “lag” where you see things jumping around on the screen, your actions not registering correctly, etc. Really the game does not play well with lossy connections.

Latency is also important, although much less important than reliability. Anything less than 200ms should be fine, and even above that is probably okay for the most part. One of the good parts of the game that makes it latency-friendly is that the monsters you fight and even the players you fight in PvP (due to the teleportation-only combat) tend to stay in one spot for the most part, and when they move they just make one “jump.” As opposed to for example an FPS game where people are constantly running, jumping, changing directions, spinning around, etc.

So really in terms of connection to the game I would rank the importance as reliability > latency > bandwidth.

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Thanks @Riley_D that clarifies a lot!

Looks like I’ll likely still be waiting to truly enjoy working with and playing the real feel of the game for my short trips to the lower 48 this summer and over Christmas. Although our down and up speeds as well as reliability are okay - we don’t get much lower than 600ms out here in the Bering Sea.

The price of RL adventure I guess!

Still excited to pop in and mess around anyways! All downloaded and ready to go for tomorrow!

Let me know how it goes, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: