Smooth turning options for Joystick users

For those that use joysticks to turn, whether they don’t have room scale or it is just their preference, it is really jarring to use unless it is set in a way you can grok as a player. It simply doesn’t turn fast enough as it is, and some players will prefer a turning without snapping. I highly recommend a dev or two look at Trickster VR’s motion options for ideas on how to implement multiple locomotion options in a fair and balanced way. With MMOs, customization is key to a good player experience.

I Understand this might have already been on the radar and simply isn’t a high priority, but it is more than a thought for me; I can’t really play without more options because I have become to used to the freedom of joystick movement in VR. (only about a third of players get VR sickness)

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I want to add to this reasoning: a lot of people will want to play while sitting down if they are playing for hours at a time.

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You’re wanting the joystick to rotate you smoothly instead of snapping, or you’re wanting the joystick to strafe you?

I think Serious Sam vr does a great job giving locomotion option and theirs should be the standard with ALL vr games I show the setting options in these vid

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Specifically for this topic I was referencing smooth rotation, with rotational-speed settings’ however strafing as well would be a huge boon to the players who would want it. I think teleportation is a good default locomotion, but in an MMO I feel you will want to allow a fair number of options so the player-base isn’t limited to those that like teleportation.

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the left hand thumbstick moves you forward, backward, and side to side.
the right one turns you. you can give the option of snap or smooth so the player can pick his or her play style as well as comfort

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I agree with everything here… and to the dev if u need someone to test it out and help u refine this I would gladly pay the $50 to do so. strafe by pointing feel so unnatural to do so never crosses my mind and annoys me to the point I can’t play the game if fact I haven’t made it back into orbusvr since I first fired it up all because of this very thing I keep checking the forum to see if you guys updated it or plan to update it

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We’ll keep adding some additional options for sure…I’m not sure having a full-blown two-joystick method makes a whole lot of sense for an MMO like this (although I get why it makes sense for a fast-paced FPS) but I suppose there’s no harm in adding options since it seems like this is an area that everyone has a different opinion on. As long as everyone is going to same speed it shouldn’t affect game balance really. You can already strafe side-to-side by just pointing the controller sideways for example.


Sounds great! It makes sense to the players because even though this is an MMO, it is still a first person game. The controls in VR are more controlled by the fact that all experiences are first-person experiences than they are by genre. (Just an observation) What that leads to is everyone having a preferred way to move and every other way of locomotion will always be ‘wrong’ to them no matter the game.

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Brian_l u are 100% right and it gets a little maddening having devs tell us how we should like to play. they ask for feedback and tell us that we are wrong for feeling the way we do about their game. ESO is a mmo and it plays like a FPS so to say that they don’t think it works cause it’s a mmo is bs.

if they don’t wish to try what we are asking for just say so and those who want to stick it out can do so and those who refuses to can move on. but I can respect a devs who is up front about things. I hate when I feel talked down to like they are doing this for my own good.

we act for strafing and smooth turn if they don’t want to do it just come right out and say that I an sick of the “well that will make people sick” like as if the gamers who are asking for this didn’t know that already or that we were asking for them to take out comfort mode for those who get sick.

devs want us to trust them yet they show no trust in us to be able to pick which options we can handle or that we enjoy to play with they act as if we need to be treated as a child who needs to be told what is best for them…

devs be up front with us and stop insulting us with reminders that some people get sick vr is over a year old we all know that people get sick. when we ask for a feature y not ask y we want it and how do we c it bettering your game. we r telling u things because we WANT to buy ur game when u act like this it just changing our minds in a bad way

Is this rant supposed to be directed at this Dev Team? Because every time people have brought up additional locomotion options I’ve said we’ll be adding more options for that in the next build. It’s literally listed in the newest blog post, quote:

We need to add a lot of additional locomotion options; as long as they are all balanced in terms of total movement speed, this is an area where pretty much everyone has a different comfort pick, so we should try to support a lot of them.

And in fact I spent a good chunk of today working on it.

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no looking to attack anyone but an frustrated with most of the trend of when locomotion comes up the player doesn’t get ask y we think this would help the game but instead get told how wrong it is to want what we want.

I am adult enough to say I got carried awhile cause to ur credit u r more focus on the fact that u think the move to point should be enough to clover what we are asking for but in the case of someone who doesn’t play roomscale and has a 180 degree setup this is a horrible idea.

so i’ll say sorry for bring added frustration into our talks cause u guys hasn’t been as bad as some of the other devs. it was reading your last comment saying that you don’t think it fit in a mmo and this “You can already strafe side-to-side by just pointing the controller sideways for example.”

It’s okay, we all get carried away sometimes.

Just to clarify, I said: “I suppose there’s no harm in adding options since it seems like this is an area that everyone has a different opinion on,” which meant “We will add it.” And when I said “You can already strafe side-to-side by just pointing the controller sideways for example,” I meant, “You can already strafe this way so adding an additional option to allow you strafe using the joystick does not break game balance, so it’s fine to add it from a game balance perspective.” Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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o now adding that part about balance totally make sense now… I want this to succeed mmo I thinks is needed in vr and rpg next to fps are what I play most. Also when u do a blog u should post it to the forum I never saw them you guys had one. After reading it, it also cleared up a few other things for me… now I feel like a jerk

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Haha it’s okay. Glad we got it cleared up for you.


ONLY a third? That is a lot of people in my book :slight_smile:

I personally have no real preference yet though I get quite sick when playing for example DreadHalls but I am very new to VR so it is too early to tell and hopefully it goes away. Having read up on the forums around the net it seems quite common. The smooth turning even makes me almost fall over. However having said that I do believe options are always good.

(By the way: Hi Orbus community. You’ve got a new member today! :smile: )

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Omg dreadhalls is sickening to me also, it just moves you forward way to fast

These are the settings we will have available for the next test.

I’m sure that there are more advanced options that we will add in the future, but this seems like a good start.


nice I love this when is the next test? as soon as u have this live i’m ready to jump in and test to help refinement… just bought the founder base on just these changes alone I am a man of my word I said if you guys did this I would buy the founder to help test and so I did… see u guys in orbus

August 18th for the first beta test!

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