So I haven’t played in awhile(Solved)

So I have a lvl 12 now warrior but my weapon is a lvl 10 from the old orbusvr so the dmg on it is only 100 dmg compared to a lvl 1 I’m pretty much weaker then the starter weapon… I am currently grinding mobs over and over praying for a new weapon drop as I dmg them like a lvl 1 it’s depressing.

you can do missions for fastest leveling and activities, the easiest missions and fastest are from cierr penn just across from the player house, and the events you go to the beams blue means they started, once you are level 30 getting good gear is much easier

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If u need help, I could help u do complete some quests

Sadly can’t delete post but I’m all good now took some mob killing and events and quest to get a weapon upgrade so I’m good now thanks I’m like 10 lvls higher since then