So the Katyharan Catfish likes small teeth?


I’ve started playing and am having a lot of fun! I am however, rather confused as to how to catch the Katyharan Catfish.
So far all I know is that I should be near the waters around Guild City, and I should be using Feathers in my lures. But the wiki also states “small tooth”, which I haven’t come across at all this far!
Any idea where to get the small tooth?


In the rainforest, you can get small tooth from killing the mobs there. Also, you can check the stalls inside of Highsteppe or Guild City. Someone is usually selling a tooth for cheap.


As you level up a little more, small teeth will drop more frequently (i thought the same about the exact same quest :wink: )


Kill Truffle Hogs in rainforest.


thanks a bunch everyone! :smiley:


you want to put the small tooth in first followed by a feather and a small tounge


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