Some dungeon bosses and mobs in the game don't reset their hitcycle when deagroed(leached/group wipe)

When you start attacking a mob or boss that has been in combat before it will continue it’s attack rotation from where it was when it was deagroed.
So if you attack a stafrusher(the stick with a stick that heals itself) and die or leach it right before it starts healing, the first thing it’ll do when re-agroed is start healing.
Same goes for some dungeon bosses, if you wipe right before mist keeper does it’s AoE, it’ll do AoE as soon as you attack it again.

For the most part it’s not that big a deal since a lot of attacks/abilities are on a timer instead of the hitcycle, but for mist keeper it can be really frustrating and annoying, sometimes even cause a wipe as soon as you start the fight(by getting AoE as soon as you jump in and not having enough time/stamina to get back out again).


As warrior you have enough time and stamina to jump out. As pally you have enough time and stamina to jump out too at a cost you can not bring your hammer on the right spot on time to not move the boss. Its is something you need to be prepared for imo. If your not expecting it you will very likely wipe as pally (no unbending exists lol) and unbend as warrior though.

It will be nice to have the rotations reset though. Just saying it is still very doable.

If you use sword rush, yeah probably, but either way, it shouldn’t be like that. Bosses should start on the same place in it’s hitcycle when you re-engage with them so so you can actually predict/know what is gonna happen next.

Why should it be the case though? I mean it makes it easier for sure. But it is not gamebreaking infuriating if you know it and can expect it, right?

Because a fight shouldn’t have a chance to suddenly become harder after you’ve wiped, the base difficulty of the fight should be the same every time and not harder(or even easier, like boss 2 airship).

Its not the whole fight that became another difficulty though. And I disagree. Want to see a bit of spice difference in fights. Although this is a small thing.

(Thinking about related things, you also lost your super after dying once, making the fight longer and more difficult. Also the airship boss 2 is harder for the dps and easier for the tank if you talk about stacked up interrupts)

I agree, these surprise-starts after wipes with this or that ability (I remember multiple occasions, in raids and dungeons alike) shouldn’t happen. It caused wipes quite a couple times or nuked players in pug-groups not knowing bosses well (experienced groups wipe less in the first place, I guess).

On a related issue, the shield not being taken down if you kill a purple caster before interrupting it (and then being forced to wait since the other mob is immune), should also not happen imo.

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