Some feedback and suggestions from a new player


Hi, I just started playing and I’m finding it really hard to get into this game. One of things I find frustrating is a lack of a minimap. There’s a map in our journal, all it needs is a ‘you are here’ arrow, a zoom, and some quest objective dots.

Another thing I find very frustrating is the aiming with the bow for the ranger class. It is way too unforgiving for a bow that is extremely hard to be accurate with. It needs a visual landing zone like the movement teleport or something to help with aiming. I was standing in front of a target dummy, pulling the string back to my cheek the exact same way, and it would shoot different distances more than half the time. It could also use a little aim assist. It is incredibly frustrating missing by a pixel multiple times around a target. If you are within pixels of an enemy target it should snap to the target.

If nothing else work on the bow physics, in oculus home and vrchat I am way more accurate with those bows than the bulky unintuitive Orbus bow.

I think the starting area is a bit too hard as well. If you are alone it is very easy to die to foxes, stags, and sprites, I know it’s an mmo but it shouldn’t be so hard to solo a starting zone. You need easy mobs to solo to get comfortable with your class so you can feel like you’re being productive while playing a game, standing in front of a target dummy to learn your class is boring.

The fishing was also way too slow paced, it feels like a chore. I hated casting numerous times before I could catch a fish, how long it takes to reel a fish in, and how quickly the lures break.

Otherwise the game seems cool, I mean I took the dive and bought it for a reason. I’m glad to see there’s more character customization coming, although I think it would be cool to add some other races. I tried to make a drow elf with the darkest skin in game and white hair and was quickly reminded how racist the internet can be while I was in town.

Since I paid so much for the game and I played too long for steams refund policy I’m hoping this feedback doesn’t fall on deaf ears. The game has a lot of potential and I was pretty excited to try it. I hope some of these issues are addressed in the expansion.

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Have you been using the compass? The game doesn’t hand-hold, but encourages exploration while still giving us the tools to navigate.

I’ve heard holding the bow horizontal seems to help. I don’t play ranger, but I think a common tactic is horizontal bow and arm coming back to chest to draw the string. Despite it being different from how bows may be in other games, I’ve seen plenty of rangers with impressive long-distance aim. Not saying it shouldn’t be looked at, but it’s still possible to do.

I would recommend not going down the stairs to leave Highsteppe, but practice on the king stag and redtails of Cenn’s Farm till you’re accustomed to your class and have a few levels. (The giant creatures on Cenn’s Farm are for the Defend the Realm event; maybe stick to the front and only attack redtails).

Watch your line - if you reel too quickly, it’ll turn red and break. Once you see it turning pink, slow down or stop till it’s closer to white. Once I learned to watch my line, it’s never broken again. Regarding how often fish bite, that’s what fishing potions are for. There’s also fishing gear. So yea, it’s a bit rough initially, but it’s kinda like an obstacle to overcome.

:slightly_frowning_face: bring up your menu, hit the top head thing, hit the person’s name if you noticed it (it’s not always apparent who is speaking), hit report, type your message, send. Otherwise take a screenshot if you can / take note / video if you were lucky enough to be recording and PM the dev team here.

Welcome to Orbus, don’t follow Guided Tours or any strangers into the Wilds, and I hope things go better. Reborn Beta is also happening this weekend in case you were interested.


Ok so I’ve got a mage, warrior, and archer to or around level 5 and I am still not enjoying myself in this game at all. It is just too hard to solo, I’m just following the games questline and every where I go there are mobs with the way too difficult tag. I tried a donkey escort quest and an elite flagged mob (some weird floppy tongue monster) absolutely destroyed me, and you cant run away from a bad situation because for some reason, which I can only describe as stupid, you are slowed to a snail’s pace every time you are locked into combat. What other game does this? The only things that have been enjoyable is the potion crafting and the pet breeding.

So far the funnest class has been the mage, and even though I think the runes are a little too unforgiving, at least you have some variety and guiding your spells with the wand is really cool. The warrior is just mind boggling boring, they definitely need more dps abilities. Ranger would be better if they could hold more arrows and if it wasn’t for the combat slow and the goofy aiming. (Holding the bow horizontal like a crossbow does help a lot though)

I tried fishing to farm for healing potions but it just takes forever. God forbid you cast too far out and get a bite, you’ll be reeling all flipping day. It’s takes so long to fish that when I finally made some potions I didn’t want to use then because how long it took to make them.

One last thing that has been driving me nuts is how often I get stuck on terrain, its just insane how often I get stuck on a tree, rock, or pole I took extra care to make a wide berth of. Sometimes I get stuck on nothing at all.

Well that’s all, I guess I am too casual a player to enjoy this game. I’ll check out the expansion when it comes out, until then peace out!

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@Jesse_Y Na you are not too casual. Those are all viable complains who will be way less game-breaking when you play with other ppl. That is one of the current game’s strengths. Sadly you are as far as I can tell a solo only player. Good news though, in Reborn the content is designed to be a bit more solo play friendly, and most problems you currently have will be addressed.

Also getting all classes leveled at the same time will of-course give you the problem that you will get stuck on every mob being too high. Mainly the tong demon mob is made to destroy every low lvl player. Which is in my opinion a fun mob if you spawned it yourself, but not fun if you just walk into it.

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I second what Scott said but yea you seemed to have been a bit unlucky plus missing alot of info about the game. Level 5 on all classes is still “just peeking in”, investing a day or evening into the game at max, so it’s imho not even casual (yet). And here Orbus meets any MMO because normally people spend 100s hours inside, so I personally won’t expecting to get anywhere in my first one or two days, a bit patience and learning is needed.

As for info, those tongue demons are never coming out except you are shooting one of the innocent sheep (maybe some other player did if not you). So normally you should be able to do the escort without these, and this specific quest is best done with a friend or just any higher level player assisting.

Other than that I leveled with “yellow” mobs (these are lower than your level, but still give xp) alot, not changing to other areas before I had all my level x gear dropping from them. Also some quests require you to be a higher level than when you get them.

Fishing: Is of not much use, right, except you are using fishing potions; they are easy to make, age them for 7 days in the shelf in your cellar and you get an almost 100% catch rate, also the gear you get from the fishing quests help a good deal to real less.
Healing potions will do nothing much since the time you need to drink them when farming is deducted from your damage. There are lots of strategies to play your class so you don’t need them, specially the mage got a lots of tricks which, if applied correctly, prevents mobs from even reaching you. And starting with level 5 you get talents, for example provoke-heal for the warrior, which make life easier also, but as said, if you drop out after that little time the whole genre is perhaps rather not for ya.


finally a review that isn’t through rose colored glasses


I love the fact there is no mini map. Too much hand holding. A compass is all we need

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