Some kind of equipment rating

right now i’m finding myself getting quests for regions i’m unable to survive in. i’m pretty sure it’s because my equipment is garbage but i have no point of reference.

could we get some kind of indicator on our gear that points out whether a beginner 25 musket is appropriate for a level 6 musketeer? something simple like a three dot scale. 1 is under, 2 is on target and 3 is OP


I would like to see the level of the item itself displayed. That should be enough to give a rough indication if you need better gear.


that’s how most games do it yeah. lvl6 musket on lvl6 musketeer makes perfect sense, it’s easy.

I think something should be added to help determine what is appropriate for what level, however it needs to be done in a way that isn’t pushing group leaders to demand X Gearscore like what happens in wow for example. I am sure Riley can come up with a good idea for this.

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