Some Musketeer Improvement Suggestions

  1. Make it so the journal is not grabbable while in combat so you don’t grab the journal accidentally if firing from the hip. Or maybe create some options around how the pockets are handled/located for customization for different body sizes.
  2. Make the yellow direct heal orb and the yellow heal over time orb more distinguishable visually. A lot of factors visually can make them both look the same during combat.
  3. Make the barrel of the gun display the orb inserted visually pop more. Certain gun models nearly hide any visual indicator of what orb you have put into it.
  4. The mechanic of removing the orb you have placed into the barrel needs to be visually fixed so it doesn’t become a weird colored floating blob and resets properly as if you swapped it with another orb. Or just remove the fact you can pull that orb out as putting a different orb works better. Right now it basically acts like you removed the orb but the orb isn’t removed even though there is that visual aftereffect.
  5. Slightly reduce the length you need to reach to insert orbs into the gun so that for people with short arms (kids) and people with regular arms don’t need to extend as much to “make sure” the orb goes in because they can’t always see it proper (see 3).
  6. Save turret settings so it doesnt reset
  7. Fix interaction with poison orb -> weakness orb so that it gains bonus damage if you apply poison orb first, since it loses damage if you apply weakness first but then the weakness debuff expires.
  8. Reduce the number of shakes for the turret OR simply make it so that the trigger changes turret type when grabbing the turret. A lot of musketeers report inconsistency when shaking the turret (even though they realize its to prevent it from switching when thrown).
  9. An option for musketeers to fire on trigger press instead of trigger depress, this way the “act” of firing the weapon acts how you’d fire a gun in reality, and feel better that way. It would also get rid of the inconsistent attacks per second issue due to depress = fire instead of trigger.

I would like to add on another,
Make it so the turret doesnt reset everytime i login/relog/disconnect. Died a few times and wiped a dungeon because i got DC’d and expected a healing turrer but it had reset to dps turret.

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I’d like to see a healing orb that passes though people. I know they do an area heal if people are close to each other but I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve shot the wrong person in the back with a healing orb because they would teleport in front of me at the last second. :smiley:

also change the super attack into a rapid fire mode


I would rapid fire be a damage orb of sorts kind of like Runemage has their arcane blast. In a pinch it’s nice to have the ult that we do. :slight_smile:

Also the poison orb interaction with the weakness orb is bugged.

If you apply the wealkness orb and then poison, the poison gets bonus damage. And when weakness falls off, the poison loses the bonus.

But if you apply poison orb first then weakness, the poison orb does not gain the bonus damage at all. It should actively buff itself with the weakness orb if the opposite interaction is true.

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are the weakness and poison orb the only 2 that you could mix? Or can you mis the ice blast

Weakness applies damage to all orbs but I was specifically talking about the DOT portion of the damage not applying if poison is applied before weakness is. And this behavior contradicts how it behaves when you apply weakness first, because poison damage gets reduced when weakness wears off.

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