Some Things I would love to see in Reborn

  1. Id like a wider variety of gear I feel like there are only 7 different types of gear and that is not enough.

  2. Maybe a dueling system where you can challenge people to fight to the death.

  3. Hidden abilities. These could be found in maybe boss fights or other areas but maybe only a limited amount so that the abilities are somewhat exclusive but possible to get.

If you have anything you would like to see aswell or a add on to any of these three make sure to comment.


1st one I agree with.
2nd when I was talking with one of the devs during the beta they said depending on the player count they may add to the pvp
3 having a limited ability count tends to brake the game or unbalance it (this is orbus not sao) on a side note that’s what the ability’s on purple and legendry’s are.


A dueling system where two people fight to the death, would be very cool if both people can place a bet of either materials or dram.


A cool down on potions would be nice.


A cd on healing potions might be okay. But the buffs are usually applied out of combat and if there’s a cd on all potions that would be annoying


Healing and invis should have a cool down or maybe just used once per combat session.


so say your in a low level and you take a lot of damage you use a health pot to heal, you take more damage and then you cant heal with another health pot so you loose out on exp.


Hidden abilities would just make the game unbalanced and make it so once all of them are found who would want to take a player along who does not have it over someone who does. This would just make the end game scene impossible for those without the item as it would be sought after and leaving everyone else behind. Limited items though could help solve inflation of dram and rare ability drops for every class yet not limited.


limited items would increase dram inflation because they would be rarer and have an increase to the amount people want them then increasing the demand for items that make getting the limited item easier.


Thats not how inflation works, if something is limited such as trickster tokens once reborn is out you cannot get them anymore, if dram becomes super inflated and we switch to trickster tokens as a more consistent non inflatable currency then it would help keep the economy in check, it does nothing for dram inflation. There are a limited number of that item so its value will be constant once they are all found.


do you mean NPC sold items or items with a limited amount to them ( because there is a big difference.)


Items with a limited supply such as trickster tokens will be in reborn


do you know how much trickster tokens go for normaly ( I think its minimum of 2000 dram) because if people starting selling them for higher because they can (and people who want them will pay for them), and with trickster tokens the potions that make them easier to get this being invisibility potions and speed potions are still the most expensive in the game at the moment, people will normally increase the price until people stop buying the items. making something limited will normally make it cost more.


Seriously, why should anyone spend dram on a useless trickster token?! Why should it become ‘currency’, we got a currency everyone got access to, dram and so far you can not have enough, because there’s always useful things to buy like potions, plus there’s new dram-sinks promised. The 100k for the last chest-expansion took me weeks to farm and I got something of real worth in return.
So, what :slight_smile: ?! The only reason there’s totally-useless-and-still-expensive-stuff in other games is that amongst their ten-thousands of players are enough freaks bored enough to care about these… highly unlikely that happens in reborn imo :wink:

PS: Afais the only players swimming in dram seem to be the 10-20 long-term vendors, but I guess even this will change in reborn once everyone got easy access to the market.


Im saying that if dram became worthless, 10,000-1,000,000 for a single empowered strikes potion then they would have a set value. Trickster tokens would be immune to crazy inflation. Money sinks help but will never keep a player’s willingness to grind for money down, and those that do are such crazy money sinks that people stop playing.
The Extra Credits MMO Economies describes this perfectly and also describes why people could switch to trickster tokens after a while


I watched that video and some of the others , theres another one you can post as well if you want they made two of inflation , I think


are you trying to say you want people to trade items like trickster tokens then?


1000s of players grinding 24/7 to pile up dram, ye I wished :smiley: … Orbus is sadly the exact opposite of the scenario of this vid, you don’t seem to watch the market, likely, but prices are dropping and dropping since months, no matter what resource it’s not real easy to sell things. A handful of people are rich, which are the vendors, but the rest is apparently less and less willing to grind for hours.

And this won’t likely change in Reborn because unlike PC games VR is naturally less convenient to play all day long, sweating under your headset and physically yielding your sword or bow. The target group, from my impression, is also older than the average pc game player, most got fulltime jobs which is while during the day it is even more empty, most dive into group activities at their evenings or weekends and lack time to do very much more.
There’s not only the way lower number of players but, what is worst, the scaled mobs coming in Reborn, so for most classes farming becomes even slower. The market will also normalize with everyone participating and no longer make anyone very rich because of competition and some clowns always throwing out things they farm away for nothing much.

I saw inflation in other games, armor was sold for millions there because currency was so easy to farm, but I doubt it will happen in Orbus because of the named reasons, there’s also no single sign of it by now, after 1-2years.


All I am saying is that even with few people farming dram the currency will slowly inflate as people get more aggressive to grind due to the dram sinks; it may be slow but the currency could inflate to a nasty worth quickly if we are not careful. I don’t anticipate dram going anywhere soon but we would need to be careful with what its worth.