Sound immersion

I’m not a game developer, but due to amount of games I’ve played and time I’ve spend to understand some games (what works in game, why it feels good, what makes this game immersive).
One of the bigest thing in games is the sound, because human brain react to something much faster if there is a sound and not only the visuals, and it expect that any action has a sound reaction. When you fight an enemy he has no reaction, he just stares at you with “i don’t give a shit” face, and when he dies he simply disapears. I’m not talking only about hitting something, I’m talking about NPC’s making some noise when you interacting, you don’t have to voice-over all dialogs, but a simple “Hello” or just some sound that not even an actual phrase like the sounds NPC’s make in “Sims”, that would be a huge impact on your inconspicuous understanding and overal immersion. Then the ambient sound, when you stand in higsteep forest you don’t really feel that you in there, that’s not because VR tech is not cool enought, that’s because the ambient isn’t there. Even if you blind when you hear the sound of birds and wind is shaking the leaves you will realise that you found your self in forest. And when the visuals combined with the sound you get your ultimate immersion. Without ambient sound all you get is the empty image, and for level 1-8 the same cheerful music is playing even if you in the burned forest where every three is suffering in this place. But I would say that the thunder sound is amazing I’ve shitted my self twice when it hit.


Maybe you already working on that, but I wanted to see an anwser for this.
English isn’t my first language

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You are right that sounds can make the game feel more alive and get the player more involved in the game play,We will be adding in more sound effects as we progress towards EA. That is a good idea for the Sim like sounds on NPC’s, to add some sort of “Gibberish” noise they make when talking, I will have to look into something like that.


personally i’m a fan of the legend of zelda-style unintelligible grunting.


or the villagers in minecraft

Or a bunch of terrible terrible puns based on what the NPC does but reversed and modulated a bit. Kinda like the Chu-Chus in Wind Waker, not nearly as harsh though. (

I do have one bite to take on the background music every time it loops at the end
I keep thinking I got into combat because it sounds like its being interrupted

perhaps you guys can bland the end of the music to the beggining in some way?


I also think a lot of soundeffects are completely missing. During the first few hours I listened to the same background music a lot and really wished to hear some soundeffects and ambient sounds. Owls during the night, birds when the sun is up. Wind blowing through the grass. Footsteps… these would make a big difference!

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