Sound stuttering every couple seconds

Hello i have downloaded the Demo version of the game because i thought of buying it.
Since then ive encountered this bug from the beginning, not only does it stutter the ingame sound but every other sound on my pc(youtube) starts stuttering alongside it.
Even if i mute the game there seems to be a clicking noise coming out of the speakers in my oculus rift s
this is the only game where it happened and i wonder if there is a fix for it.
ty for your time.
here is a video of it happening OrbusVR Soundbug - YouTube also the game isnt lagging its only the sound.

Try uninstalling your Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (Device Manager/Audio controller). Gets reinstalled automatically after u restart your PC.
Also try to do a fresh install of your NVidia driver.
I never install the Nvidia audio driver. I just don’t like it.

Hope that helps.

Hey thanks for the suggestion. i tried it but it sadly didnt work out and after i tried the nvidia route my oculus didnt work anymore until i deleted it again :smiley:

Take a look into your audio devices and see if it keeps changing the default audio device.
Or try to disable Exclusive mode for your audio device (or all audio output devices, just to be sure), to prevent changes made to them by Apps.