Spawning in To White Zone

There was a last-minute DNS change that I forgot to do ahead of time. It’s done now, but it may take up to 5 minutes to propagate to everyone.

So if you are logging in on Steam/Oculus right now and getting a white void, that’s what it is. Just wait a few minutes and it should resolve.

Sorry about that!

This should be resolved for everyone now. If it’s still happening to you please let me know.

Getting white void on spawn. Name Snoopy
Got disconnected before this happened in rainforest.

Also spawned into highsteppe with no NPCs trying to log back in a 3rd time after the white void.

Is it a totally white void with like nothing else in it? Or are you seeing buildings and whatnot but are like underneath them?

Totally white void.
Other than the one time i spawned into highsteppe with no NPCs

There is a server issue occurring at the moment. We’re restarting in a few minutes and that should resolve the problem. We’ll update you here when the restart is finished.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies!

The restart has been completed if you want to give it a shot now.

So I had the same issue spawning into Highsteppe with no NPCs. So I went into my house to reload the world and now everything is just fine. Thanks for the help! Forgot to save the log file before trying again but I’ll send this one when I’m done. Keep up the good work!

Yeah I think something was wrong with the server and you just got de-synced with your login attempts while it was messed up. Thanks!

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