Specific controller locomotion?

Hello, I was wonderinf if there is a way to make my controller do specific movement controls… I want me left hand to control left/right rotation and my right to control forward/backword… but it applys to both… and it is kinda of annoying xD me trying to go forward but slightly going left/right… if there is no fix for this I can get use to it :stuck_out_tongue: but just wondering <3

You can use both controllers to move but you can set which one allows you to strafe and look around. Both controllers will always move forward/backward btw.

Now, one reason why you are moving slightly left/right when trying to go forward is how the game tells what foward is. By default, movement is based on the position of the controller.

To change how the game tells where forward is:

Settings > locomotivion > Forward facing.

To change movement mapping:

Settings > locomotivion > turning/strafing

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