Specific Feedback Request: Crashes and Disconnects

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to get a sense of the status of where we’re at in terms of the disconnects and crashes. I’m getting the impression it’s much better than the last full Closed Beta we did, but that we still have some work to do.

So, I would appreciate feedback on:

  1. Are you experiencing disconnects? (That’s where you get a “Connection closed” or “Socket error” and then end up back at the login screen) If so, how often are they occurring approximately? (Every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every 2-3 hours, etc.)

  2. Are you experiencing hard crashes? (That’s where the game closes completely and you’re back at the desktop). Again, if so how often are they happening?

In addition on the hard crashes, after the crash happens if you go into your /resources/app/client/ folder you should see a folder called something like “20171021_…” with a couple of files in it. If you could send those to me in an email at riley@orbusvr.com I would appreciate it, that gives me a little more to work with than a regular crash report via the launcher does.

Thank you!

I would say I get sent back to the login screen for a “connection closed” about once every 30 mins or so. It generally is happening for me when I get stuck as being “in combat” long after we have finished killing everything in sight. Was playing as a group of 3, every 20 mins or so our group would become stuck in combat, then shortly after (5-10 mins) i would get kicked to the login screen, the other 2 members of my party would not get logged out, and they would no longer be stuck in combat once i was logged out.

No hard crashes. Had a few d/c to character select but I didn’t notice any floating error messages. Majority it was very smooth

i get d/ced quite a bit but in like short bursts of like 2 or 3 times to character select. i only experienced 2 crashes so far other then that it has been fine

Like how many “bursts” have you seen out of how much time played? Like 3 times in 3 hours or?

i cant say for sure but as an example i would login play for a bit then i would d/c log back in d/c log back in d/c then be able to play or keep getting d/ced. im not sure of the timeframe but the d/cs are consent when they do happen

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Tried to play again this evening, about 15 minutes in got a closed connection D/C and then logged back in and proceeded to get stuck in combat again so i decided to log out BEFORE it disconnected me to see what would happen. I logged back in and then was immediately disconnected again anyways, then when i logged back in again i had an “out of body experience” as my avatar from the D/C was just sitting there staring at me like a zombie lol!

I blame Canada internet!

Hmmm…have you tried using the “Alternate” connection type? You choose it above the “Launch” button in the launcher before you launch the game.

i have once. it still dced me. edit:i will try changing the folders location runing as admin didn help

Today is the first chance to have a decent game session this weekend
For me it still feels like a similar amount of random D/C.
Last beta i would try logging on again straight away and get D/C again a minute later

This time i’m grabbing a refreshment or something before trying to log in again so don’t know if it’s different

Yesterday I had 1 re-login crash about hour and half in and Friday had a re-login crash 2 hours in.

im still getting constant d/cs i understand that its a beta and somewhat understand the difficulties of online vr stuff but its getting quite annoying

Hvae you been using the Alternate connection type the whole time and getting DC’ed?

yes and no i used both connection types both have same results ether im logged in for 5 seconds and disconnect or my characters dont loads on select screen i have tried moving the file location changing compatabilaty options running as admin reinstalling imn running out of ideas. b4 this all happened i was really enjoying the game but this is extreamly slowly wanting me to give up for now. i doubt i will

You’re saying every single time you load in now you D.C. after 5 seconds?

in genaral yes its more like 10 or so but yea im just getting consent d/c not literally 5 sec also its nbot giving me enough time to log in i try to log in and it just disappears before i can finish putting in my email

Oh is it the launcher where you log in that’s having issues? Where you type in our email and password? Can you record a video of what’s happening so I can see it? This doesn’t sound like an issue I’ve heard of before.

yes i will record a video when i get home from work. wont be the best quality but it will get the point across