Specific Feedback Request: Level 20 Combat Difficulty

I am going to be gathering feedback on the Wilds zones content. Since I would like to keep it spoiler-free, I am going to start a PM thread and invite people to it who have made it to Level 20 and experienced that content and are interested in giving feedback.

So if you would like to be included in that, please just let me know by responding to this thread. Thank you!

DO NOT actually give feedback in this thread, please.

I’d like to give some feedback!

I’m definitely interested.

Anything I can do to help.

I have some feedback

As part of the first group of people to hit level 20 I would gladly give some feedback.

yeah hit me up!

dinged 20 last night

Send the invite my way, if you’d like. I’ll do what I can for feedback.

Half way of 20, so you can invite me

yep add me i like feed back