Spell detection need a lot of improvement

It’s so perfect flat that it’s look like you hired me to draw the rune page :cry:


Video is unavailable.

Video should work now

I think the journal pages need to be updated to be more accurate, Ice lance for example seems to be way off in the drawing and what you actually have to cast.


To cast Arcane Ray, the horizontal line needs to be longer than shown by the symbol in the spellbook or on the pillar. That’s what I was told and after that revelation I can actually cast it.

So spell detection doesn’t necessarily need improvement. The pictures of the spells need to be more accurate.


Agreed the journal pages could be more accurate. That is your problem @ImBanana, Jinx is right it needs to be wider.

I agree too. very frustrating if that does not work :frowning:

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I really hope this will be fix (all spells),
It’s already hard to draw whit a hand controller in the air whithout any support to stop the muscle from waving
so if we have to try twisted tricks too in order to cast a spell, this feel broken


One thing that helped me cast spells quicker is drawing them really small. They still work any size you draw the spell and for me at least, it works a lot easier

I agree with some of the others here. The pictures can be a bit misleading. I’ve learned through practice and getting tips from other players in game. I can cast almost all the spells pretty consistently now, but I am also confident that if I spend the time practicing/experimenting I can get the few remaining spells down.

As a runemage, I am practicing spells pretty much anytime I am standing still. So even while I’m just chatting and hanging out with my party, I am drawing spells pretty much the whole time.

After all the time and effort it has taken so far, I really hope that they change the pictures to match, instead of the other way around.


Does anyone know if it’s intentional that the spells don’t match? To make it so you have to experiment/etc. Or is this a bug that’ll get fixed?

I agree on that. And on top of it try to switch to right hand. I am left handed and never got the Frostrune out. I did the same as you did. Put the book in front of me and tried and tried and tried. Then I switched the the hand and voilà, it worked. Even with “drawings” I never expected to work. Switched hands again and nothing.

Oh interesting. I’m left handed, and haven’t tried casting it with my right hand. I also struggle a lot with the Frostrune spell. Can rarely ever cast it compared to the others.

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We would only adjust the pictures to match, not the recognition itself.

No it’s not intended that they don’t match. I have traced them myself and other than Pushback I was able to get them all to work, but I believe you when you say that it’s working better to do it a different way, so I will see if I can make some adjustments to the picture.

Also what is Frostrune? Do you mean Frostbolt Level 1? Or…?

Yes, I meant Frostbolt Level 1.

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I’ve experienced the following with spell recognition compared to their journal entries:
Excuse my shitty mspaint skills but I thought it would help show what I meant better. https://i.imgur.com/jR2YgZy.png

Frostbolt level 1 - Rune needs to be drawn wider than journal shows
Ice Lance level 1 - Rune needs to be extended taller than shown. Like a full arrow instead of shallow hill.
Arcane Ray level 1 - Needs to be drawn wider than shown.

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