Spell idea for runemage

Just one idea for rune mage

the idea is simple a spell that holds one enemy in place,
unlike poly morph it doesn’t cancel when struck.
The rune mage has to concentrate beam on said target while the rest of the team can jump it.
id imagine this spell can only hold monsters whos level is equal to the player casting it
or something like that


This sounds cool. Sort of an arcane ray that holds the target instead of DoT. Could it be broken if an ally or enemy steps into the beam?

I would imagine that the spell would work on. Players if they where in pvp. But other monsters yeah it would probably just hold the monster it just so happens to be hitting

Hmm there’s been discussion over stuns and holds in pvp and it’s always tricky to lock someones movement. You may not be able to teleport but with roomscale you can still move a good distance depending on roomsize

Are you thinking just a bind and not a stun?

I was thinking bind rather than stun.
i would think the spell would hold a monster in place while the rest of the party goes to town on the monster.
that way the spell caster can mitigate damage from unintended aggro from ranged players while the warrior
can focus on the held monster.

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I love the spell idea, however if not done right it could be pretty OP. I think they shOuld totally add something along the lines of this, and they probably will. I think if we see a spell like this it’s either going to have a crazy long cooldown and I would hope even a cool down before the target could be effected too, so no one can just stack the spells.
I think a good alternative to this spell could be something likr what the Warlocks in WOW have, its a spell called “Fear”. It caused the enemy or player to lose control and run around aimlessly for a short time.

If a mage was holding this spell they can’t cast anything else. With mob size increasing in later levels it’s likely to only be used in certain situations. I think the draw backs are severe enough to warrant a channeling hold

That was what I was thinking but it shouldn’t work on bosses but definitely any minions they produce.
I would. Imagine a level 2 variation would have an aoe but not a very large one

Basically what I want is. More utilitiy spells. They should crack open the dnd handbook for spells like that


Hahaha they probably have. In one of the other threads Riley said that he is making a dev blog some time this week and talk about the new things we are going to have in the beta! :smiley:

So I’m sure some of those will be spells. I have not tried the Rune Mage out yet, and I may not still until a longer beta. I do hope they load them up will a lot of spells though. Like so many its hard to know them all.

i would hope so lol
more spells = more variations of players

i plan to start a fellowship for rune mages

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I love the idea of a Runemage fellowship and i would love to join in with that when the time comes, keep me posted

I wonder if they would have more spell casting for the other classes they are thinking about like priest or cleric

When I get too it I’ll probably post about recruitment here on the forums youl know it when you see it I’m still trying to figure out a good name and what the fellowships overall goal is but I know one based around runemages and any services they can provide would make for a good start.

That would be pretty cool. There are so many ways they can take it. But some necromancy or summoner spell would also be SO SWEET!

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My brain did a thing and now I have yet a newer idea for a spell.

Acid rain: the wand expels green clouds that rain green droplets of acid.

The aoe Is like a drawn line but the wand expels puffs that float abit then slow down to rain damage over time

Imagine sweeping the wand back and forth to make cool shapes that damage enemies with an hp sapping effect

I’d like more utility spells also…vanilla damage types are fine and needed, but they don’t intrigue me as a player.

I think the future of this has to be having additional casting classes which specialize. The rune mage seems to be a very powerful class, restricted only (and its a big restriction) on the player ability to trace the runes well.

Perhaps adding wand or staff types that needed to be equipped to cast certain spells which couldn’t cast others as well or at all. For example, a mentalist wand that allowed charming, mezzing, polymorphing, rooting…but didn’t allow the casting of direct damage spells or severely limited the damage on them.

I’d also like to see a healing cast class at some point. The healer cleric is just so ingrained in RPGs that it seems like a missing spot in Orbus to me.