Spelllcasting: wasted ink


I’m proficient at casting frost 3, did a little testing today and realized that if you just hold onto the ink output, that it’ll mean you’re unsuccessful with your spell and with frost 3 is how I tested. I would hold my wand completely still with the ink being output and after a few seconds I’d begin to cast my spell. This resulted in failures, every single time.

I am curious if this explains why my speed casting is more successful than when I attempt to show new players my technique. My spells are mostly based on muscle memory now and it’s more challenging to slow things down to teach others than it is to spam my spells.

Now I’m curious if speed is a real variable that needs to be taken into account on spell casting, otherwise if you’re too slow and too much ink is being output that it’ll result in a fizzle regardless.


Curious thought… I too find that some spells I can do really fast and it’ll work and some need a slower pace.

Also some spells work one way but not so well backwards…

For example, fire 2 - ‘‘B’’ … I usually start bottom left and trace up then top hump then bottom hump, all one line. This casts really fast and everytime even if its sloppy. But if I start top left and do top hump then bottom hump, then line up… it’ll fizzle even if it looks perfect.

Perhaps its just me.


I’ve noticed this too


Might have something to do with the fact that faster strokes are inheritently straighter — the slower you draw, the more squiggles get added; this is true IRL as well


The straight lines appear more frequently between ink points but at at the rate I draw, large angles are created showing the change in direction between the start and finish of a line. Slight movements have a greater impact when drawing quickly.


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