Spells found so far

here are the spells i found so far
please coment here to add more, lets make a spell book!


There are diagrams of them all in the play guide:

If you figured those out on your own without reading it I’m pretty impressed!

There are a couple secret portal ones, too…

how do you go through the portal? ive managed to cast it but when i walk through it just reloads everyone in the area.

it takes you back home, :b

Are these right? When I did these, “Shield” did an arcane bolt.

There were many people who didn’t read the play guide yesterday.

During my (happy) 5 minutes of gameplay (I had to D/c so quick :confused: ) I was a wizard teaching fireball and arcane ray to wanabees.

That was pretty fun though.

I’m not certain, but I believe the way the portal spell worked is that the first rune (or maybe the first two, every set I encountered had the second symbol in it) was necessary to activate the spell, and the next two were a “key”; if it didn’t recognize it, or one of the symbols involved, the portal still opens but it doesn’t go anywhere.

There are columns scattered across the world that you can teleport to, each has their key symbols emblazoned on the sides. I was able to teleport to a far away column somewhere in the forest by accident, but I wasn’t able to replicate the final symbol properly.

Forest Portal Ritual:

I would have experimented further but I didn’t have much time and I wasn’t very good at drawing the first portal rune :smirk:

Can’t wait for the March Alpha so I can keep exploring!

this is the kind of thing that makes me excited about Riley’s game design philosophy

Would be awesome to have a book in the empty hand to check spells , that way we wouldn’t have to open steam menu/go desktop/ check the guide. At least for the one we discovered… ^^