Spells passing through mobs


I’m seem to be having trouble with spells passing through mobs at mid range. I’ll usually send off a frost 2 at max range and follow it up with an affliction while its heading towards me and its during the affliction that it’s happening. I’ve got a reasonable casting speed so that should give an idea of what range were talking about and unless I wait a second or two for a mob to get a little closer at the distance affliction would usually hit, it passes through the mob missing it completely. Mostly I’ve been fighting the thieves and an occasional snake in the south of the Obnobi Desert

It’s possible I’m just missing but I swear its happening so frequently and visibly that I’m sure this is a bug, its only been happening since the 4.6 patch.

Can anyone else confirm if its happening to them? And if so provide details.

If its just me, of course its quite possible I’m imagining it :slight_smile:


Think it has been mentioned in the patch thread as well, I had that happen with the highlevel worms in the desert (Frost 2, Affliction 2, Icelance) and it seemed much more than before up to the point I could not pull any… and with the little Frosty Spit Foxes/Vulpes, yet these were a pain before, too, so not sure about them.


I’ve been having it happen with all mobs and with all spells.


If I can get some video recordings of this that would be great. It shouldn’t be likely that the spell can totally pass through the mob, what I am thinking is happening is that the “radius” around the spell at which it will hit the mob as decreased or something.


And that is how you want it to be?


No that’s not how it should be, but I just want to confirm that is the issue when I start working on a fix. If it’s still going through them when it’s like straight-on then that would be caused by something else.


Aim low is my advice. Ice lance in particular can miss very easily at medium range (head one shots while target approaches) but so can other spells at times. For humanoids aim for their waist or legs. Snakes and such, just don’t aim for their head and you should be fine.

Unless you’re encountering a more serious glitch/error.


Aiming at a big fat pig belly and my slowest spell (frost 3) taking its sweet time to pass right through as if he phased using a Demononic Sword Gram was a little silly. My issues of spells going through used to be a network connection issue but that has been recently resolved thanks to my ISP.


My spells go through the larger monsters if I aim low. The 1st boss in the first dungeon. It happened multiple times with t3 fireball and same with big pigman yesterday.


Yeah, have definitely had more issues with spells going through things on this most recent non-beta patch. Had a bunch of Frost 3s doing though the Char Dragons earlier when farming them earlier this morning.


Yeah, I’m running beta and noticed that with the latest patch it’s become worse. It’s easy to reproduce and I suspect it might be related to network latency.

I’ll see if I can get a video


So I attempted to fix this without having actually seen it in this morning’s patch, if it’s still happening let me know, and again some video would be great so I can see what’s going on hopefully.


I did a fair amount of levelling over the weekend, and aimed to capture any more incidents. I had no more problems, I guess its fixed. Congrats on fixing it sight unseen.


Thanks for the update, appreciated! Let me know if it starts happening again.


Haven’t hopped on in the last week due to school stuff, but this happens with mana shield when’s tanks (and only tanks) are using slide locomotion and running towards the mage casting mana shield. I have a video somewhere if you need it.



You said you’ve made a change, so I will see if I can replicate it with the fixes (when I get a chance). Here are some of my experiences with this bug:

I can try to get video, but I can absolutely guarantee that spells directly pass through the adult lizardmen’s abdomen running right at me. Just straight, right through. It’s not 100% of the time but it probably happened 3 or 4 times when I was killing about 20-25 of them?

It also definitely, absolutely happens for the charging stag aberrations. I aim at their front legs/head to try and get the most hits. Hitting at the back of their body is extremely “iffy” and spells easily pass through.

Other shennanigans can be caused by spiders & foxes or “vulpes”. I haven’t really noticed hitbox issues on other mobs that I can think of right now.

Missing a spell, especially as a solo mage, can mean death. Typically if you are doing challenging content you are not allowed to choke on a single spell, so having a spell go right through a body is pretty disheartening when you die to actual ‘bs’ lol.


Okay…just to clarify neither if you have actually seen it happening since we said we fixed it though?


Right, I’ve been letting my arm recover for a few days haha. Just pointing out the mobs which I know to have inconsistent hit boxes, the aberration stag being the worst. I’ll hop back on either tomorrow or this weekend and record video to see if it feels better.


Will test again today. It was happening a week ago for sure, but will let you know.


Me and a mate experienced arrows going through a Warg yesterday. The Warg didn’t attack us so we just assumed it was a ‘glitched’ Warg or something. Not sure if this counts for anything…

Also there are sometimes ‘runaway’s,’ where monsters just run elsewhere or flee the fight. I saw a pair of Redtails going in circles also which was amusing.