Spells requiring regents

We were talking on the discord server about the idea of needing regents to cast spells, and I was wondering what everyone over here thought. To recap I think that regents should be either tied to a spells type such as all fire spells will require one regent and so on, different regents affecting your spell in a certain way (making it an aoe, increasing burn time . . .), And also the idea that you might need ammo for the bow and shield segregation. All of these would help increase the need for crafting and add a whole new level to crafting with specialty ammo and such.

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Oh also draw distance or time directly relating to power of the shot for rangers would be cool. I also think quivers that you draw arrows from would add a realy cool level of realism.

On the quiver and arrows, I’d love a way to limit the firerate of the bow.

This was an obvious exploit in the last stress test that allowed for rangers to deal an insane amount of damage in no time.

Perhaps you could have a mana pool, so that you can limit the rate at which you can fire spells.
You could have some cool mechanics tied to this where some spells cost more than others, and repeatedly using 1 spell increases it’s mana cost temporarily.

This would, in theory, force the player to think tactically about which spell to use at each point and encourage using a wide variety of spells, or face the terror of an empty mana bar.

You can then introduce ways to either increase the mana pool or mana regeneration so fighting hard bosses is not impossible.

I think it would be a really good way to discourage just using one or two spells repeatedly.

When balanced well, it would mean the caster could constantly cast all the spells they want as long as they use a variety, or allow the caster to use one spell repeatedly but at a much slower rate.

Rituals such as portals and resurrection do require reagents. However basic spells do not.


I think that would be disastrous for mage to be the only class with ‘limited resources’ for basic actions.
As mage is already a tricky class we don’t need to have more limitation that we already have.
We have to memorize all the spell runes and write them to actually cast.

You wont usually be spamming the same spell all day (if you want to be effective) and the time required to draw the rune, aim, release spell, skill traveling time is already long enough.

If you compare with musketeer or ranger, they are more like no brainer point and click with instant results.

This is why I think mage already have a inner cooldown in it’s execution and application.


Maybe an unpopular opinion but I prefer when rangers actually use arrows, gun uses ammo, etc.

Well in other games that would make sense, but if you’ve played orbus, you can see that the bows don’t shoot arrows and guns don’t shoot bullets. When you shoot them, they instead fire a kinda energy shot instead of an arrow or a bullet. I don’t know if they plan to make the attacks look more detailed in the future, but that’s what we’ve got so far. Normally I would be for ranged weapons using ammo, but it doesn’t really make sense with what we’ve got.

I don’t think mages should be limited by anything other than MP, asking them to add reagents to spellcasting as well would make it impractical in solo play, if reagents were given the go ahead then they should only be used for the most powerful spells or long buffs extra elemental damage etc.

The natural limiting factor on the Runemage is the ability to quickly cast the spell. The more powerful the spell the more complicated the rune is (some of them have 4 strokes) and being able to quickly draw that accurately is in itself the limiting factor. There will not be MP or reagents required.

The only exception to that is extremely powerful spells which at this point includes Resurrection and Portals. These are not spells you cast during normal combat.


I think you guys are overthinking it, do a system like Runescape and use Runes. A stackable item that can be dropped by mobs or crafted not only does it add the regent idea, but it also opens paths to money making and a new market in the game. Runes could also be bought from vendors