Spread Ranger Poison

Can the ranger poison arrow spread to enemies? I’d even be fine with it only spreading when charged since that makes sense. The only aoe ranger has that’s viable is fire rain which even then, has a ridiculously long cooldown. Spread arrow kinda useless tbh :confused:


Yeah. I would even be fine with sort of like the musky poison uncharged (smaller aoe/spread).

This would be great. I genuinely thought it did work like this until a discussion at todays raid. :joy_cat:

I did too. Idk how any of the classes work, i’m just really good at them.

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Excuse my ignorance here, but your reply didn’t make sense to me (after reading and re-reading several times). You thought poison arrow spread too, but without knowledge of how the other classes work although you are good at them? Yeah, doesn’t compute in my mind :smiley:

I do not range in Orbus (and have not gone in depth on the class yet for the wiki). It just made sense that it would, scoundrel does… XD

My response was actually for @Xenocider but extra clarity isn’t bad i guess :smiley:

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My point is i’m bad when it comes to knowing what i’m doing but i’m good at it anyway.

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