Spring Fest 2023- March 14th 2023

It’s that time of year again, grass is turning green, the flowers are blooming, and those pesky Skogronn are coming back. Check out the blog post outlining the Spring Fest 2023, along with the second part of the 5 year anniversary celebration below.


I wish you would change the color on the Mount or give away different transmogs. The quest is the same year after year and the prizes are the same (except the cape), it’s boring and does nothing to provoke old players to return to the game or inspire current players to participate.


I can agree with this. After my first two seasonal events i didn’t ever feel like completing the quests there no incentive. I would like new transmogs from here and all of the seasonal quests i don’t find a reason to participate anymore as i’ve already done them and have all of the same transmogs.

I was thinking one of those days about transmog items. Items considered transmogs we get from Dungeons break into shards. Why not considering season transmogs breaking into better shards, since they’re “rare”?
Cough, maybe ALL transmog items could handle shards, cough
I know they can be sold for a high price in the Auctioneer. Most times they sit there for a long time though. Having the alternative of acquiring a good shard could be something really nice! Way faster than waiting for someone to buy it.
I also consider this for newer players, including myself on this. If we had different items each season, we’d be frustrated for never being able to have older items. Some players love to collect things, just for collecting (gotta catch’em all!).

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