Spring Festival Patch Notes- Patch 11.40

Today patch (around 10:30 AM CST) marks the start of the Spring festival “Skogronn” where you can earn a new mount, cape, achievement, and furniture piece for your home. Speak with the Festival NPC outside of the Highsteppe gates to start the quest line.

  • Added new enemy type “Skogtroll” and “Raven” for festival
  • Updated trees, bushes, terrain for Spring festival
  • Fixed bugs with Player Map
    • Some instances where map wasn’t closing properly
    • Orientation of player arrow on map should face way players head is facing now
  • Fixed a bug not allowing Quest users to teleport to their totems (Shaman)
  • Fixed a bug causing some quests not to update properly when earning progress towards completion (already active on live)

Edit: Client side patch is out


So what are the rewards for these quests?

Mount, cape, achievement and a new furniture is what you’ll be able to obtain this time.


Wonderful, thank you.
Is it a piece of Furniture, or a blueprint?

I think i’m done, got cape and mount, but there’s no furniture? Is the bp supposed to drop from scogtrolls in random farming? (not that I care much since I couldnt place it anyways in my buggy house and I guess the items are not sellable once again…)

Also gl poor shamans, bards, warriors, palys with the first quest (nice idea, but I suppose players only playing these classes are supposed to team up…)

What do you mean by good luck? Is it difficult?

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I am guessing you need ranged dps because there are “Ravens” that are flying high in the air? Complete guess.

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It’s tied to an achievement, so you can buy it at the achievement vendor downstairs of highsteppe

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Killed several as a shaman with no issue. For the others, they can always just…switch class?

Good news about the shaman I just thought these are freakin high up, likely too high for the balls, didn’t try hitting them yet tho. As for the others, I’m not thinking about us who got everything 30 and what not, but rather about new players who just now leveld their first class to 30… and with a level 1 scoundrel you won’t really survive well in Hulthines, but yea, those can possibly solve it with teaming up.

My Scoundrel is only 13, even after dumping all the quests i could do, and its really difficult to shoot down the birds while not getting jumped. They are very hard to hit standing so far away

I don’t think anyone has posted this on the forums yet but the big tree in highsteppe is still a little frosty up top, I don’t think it got the message about it being spring


So… I guess we don’t look up above us often enough? oops.

We’ll get that fixed. :blush:


I did a few battlegrounds last night, the 1st time in a long time, had a lot of in game issues which I tried to report in-game, but it was also winter there and not spring, like the tree it was forgotten about

higher elevations are cold! #feature?

Was like that since launch of event, not an important enough issue to fix imo.

It’s inconsistencies like this that make the game seem like it’s still in early access even though it’s launched in full release with reborn

Wait. This is full release? I thought it -was- still early access

In oldbus the steam store page said it was early access; after reborn launched they removed that. That means this is the full game.

This should be fixed in this week’s patch.

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