Spring Festival Preview

Hi everyone, we posted a new blog article previewing some of the Spring Festival coming up next week!

Check it out - https://blog.orbusvr.com/spring-festival-starts-march-10th/


Very cool.

The enemy in the picture looks nice. I wonder if they are like the other floater guys. Either way, nice design. Didn’t realize they were from old Orbus, that’s neat. If enemies look like that in old Orbus, I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

Yup the scog trolls, like all the other mobs in old orbus, were pretty cool looking

I thought it was funny how they had the cactuar from final fantasy

Keep the skogtrolls in after the event ends


Perhaps they would make a nice pet?

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X3 I wouldn’t doubt that

I need help/clarification on the third phase of this. What am I looking for? I don’t get what they’re asking me to do. If the answer is a spoiler, please pm me because I’m stumped.

I don’t quite remember which phase was which, some hint would be good, don’t think people bother for spoilers since it’s nothing much to find out other than locations.

One quest asks you to grab some items from certain shrines, one in each zone. Those are grab-able, laying under the tree, hold it a while, they disappear, check your quest log (book) if it updated the item.

Another quest asks you to kill idols, these are shootable. gray statues sitting on the ground, again there’s one per zone (I’ve had a bit troubles finding one since it wasn’t directly at a shrine iirc, but all others were).

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Thank you for the reply, I’m on the one that wants you to shoot the idols. I haven’t had any luck finding any yet XD I’ll keep looking

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Yea just check all the shrines in the zones, only finding the Hulthines one I had trouble, if you need that one I can hint it in pm…

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Cool, I won’t be on until later tonight (it’s only 1:45pm here) but I’ll let you know if I get stuck again. Thank you!

It’s 23:00 here I am totally off now… good luck!

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Alright I managed to finish. Now I need help with the furniture reward. Where do I get it? I talked to everyone I could find in highstepp and couldn’t find anyone selling furniture lol

The furniture shop is located in the lower level of Highsteppe, centered, near the dungeon entrance, but opposite side of the tree.

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Thanks again. I originally passed by it thinking it was just a pile of rubble lol

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