Spring Festival 'Shrine Breaker' quest not starting

Based on a YouTube guide video for the 2021 Spring Festival, it looks like ‘Shrine Breaker’ is supposed to start automatically after completion of ‘Shrine Raider’. On my main and my alternate the quest line stops after ‘Shrine Raider’, there is a blue diamond above the NPC’s head outside Pier’s shop but no Spring Festival quests in my book.

I play on quest(2) link, so I tried standalone with no change. I’ve visited the NPCs that are involved and waved at them with no response, logged, and submitted an in game bug report.

same issue for me but this is not new happent last year or was it the year before that too

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We’re currently looking into the issue and will post any updates as soon as possible.


If you haven’t picked up the Shrine Breaker quest yet, you should be able to retrieve that normally through the Festival Villager NPC when you turn in the Shrine Raider quest.

If you already turned in the Shrine Raider quest and The Shrine Beaker quest is NOT in your journal, logging into a new instance (Player House, Dungeon) should automatically add this quest to your journal.

Let me know if this works or not, thanks!


Works. Thank you!

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