Squiddie 1 shotting


First time I have experienced this bug but, last night we did a t7 Skywalk and our first 8 or 9 attempts Squiddie was insta-gibbing the tank within the first 2 seconds. We couldn’t figure out what was going on. We all re-logged and I think it happened one more time, then everything was fine. Draven has videos of it.


We also experienced this. It lost us skywalk timer a few times… Could be something to do with the way the tank moves I thought.


We thought it was maybe hidden poison or the squiddie opening with a tankbuster with no animation. Still can’t figure it out.


From a healing standpoint, I noticed that usually when a tank dies it’s due to getting clipped by a puddle right around the tank buster.


This was not the problem as it was happening in the first second of the fight. There was no puddle unless invisible.


Can be minion attacks going of as soon as combat starts with no indicator? I have noted instant double spawn of minions, maybe there AOE is saved as well?


Could be, but a tank can survive a minion attack.


Definitely have Draven PM the video to Riley, we can take a look and see if everything’s behaving as intended.


Roger, will do that tonight. It also historically happens occasionally on Mistkeeper, where a normal AE does X, a crit AE does 2X and then a whatever AE does what feels like 10X. That’s been happening forever, whereas last night was the first time we saw the Squiddie thing.


Also experienced this… I might actually have the footage of mistkeeper somewhere as well as on squiddie somewhere.


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