Stall what happened to my stuff

what happened to all the items i had on my stall when the stall ends. also , what about the money from the stall?

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nevermind i was desynched and could not see the stall was still operational. i feel dumb now.

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What do you mean, your stall ended? You got it a short while ago! Actually I just bought dye from your stall, like, 5 minutes ago.

(I’m pretty sure you did, but) did you try relogging? I really hope you get your goodies and Dram

Lol don’t feel dumb. I’d feel the same if my precious things disappeared. Happy you had it back

When your stall ends after a month, the items you had on sale and the money you had left to pick up go in your auction house chests in your player house :slight_smile:


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