Steam and Oculus Keys Can Now Be Claimed

You can now claim your key from us if you already bought the game via Kickstarter or on our website.

We can offer keys for both the Steam and Oculus stores. To get your key, just go to:

The version on the Steam store is the same exact version you have already been using during the Alpha and Beta. It supports both SteamVR and the Oculus SDK directly, so if you are on a Rift you do not have to use SteamVR to play the game if you get it on Steam.

The version on Oculus is the same exact verison, minus the SteamVR integration, so it will only work with Rift.

We will keep both versions equally up to date. Please choose the store that best matches your headset and your own personal preference. You only get a key for one or the other!

Note that we will not yet be able to offer the game for sale on the Oculus store tomorrow, only Steam. So if you are planning to buy the game tomorrow, you will purchase it on Steam.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Just grabbed my Steam Key, excited to download and play when its up!

Good afternoon! I accidentally chose a key of Steam and was necessary for Oculus, I did not activate it yet whether it is possible to replace him for Oculus?

Sure I will send you a PM.

Thank you very much!

Sweet got my key and good to go. Thanks again for you help yesterday.

Just redeemed my Oculus code, but won’t get past the character selector screen. On the monitor it says, “We are unable to authenticate your key.” Or some such. Help!

could the game still be downloaded and installed thru oculus store if its still not available in oculus store on Dec 15th ?

Servers are not up until 12pm CST on the 15th

Yes it downloaded through Oculus Home and installed just fine.

Thanks Death by Pony. Answered my question. I thought there was an early access for people who’ve already bought the game though?

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so the download is available once i have redeemed the code ?

yes but you cant play it yet

head start was done on dec 13 - 14 12pm cst…

thx…(i suppose you answered my oculus download question…lol right ? )

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Oh I didn’t realize it shut down. It’s fine, I’ll just wait until tomorrow. Thanks guys.

I don’t get the Ubisoft window popup (whether its open or closed) which results in the: We were unable to successfully authenticate your store account with our game servers. Please try closing and re-opening the program. Which Ive done over and over. Any ideas?

If you are trying to launch the game, the servers are down right now. The servers will go up on Dec 15th at 12 CST for EA.

Oh gotcha so gotta wait until then…Thanks!!