Steam artwork update

I noticed that the artwork on steam got updated for the game! I really like the new look

Screenshot  044

However the achievements really need some love, this game is the only game on steam that I know of that doesn’t have icons for the achievements… the old achievements from preborn does but the new ones don’t have icons, it makes the game look very incomplete from an outside view

It also looks bad here:

Screenshot  049

and completely ruins the Achievement showcase for your rarest achievements:

Screenshot  050

Please do these soon, it’s nearly a year since reborn came out now :frowning:


You’re right that it is definitely needed - we’re still working on it and are going to have icons in there when we get some spare time to put them in.


As an update of sorts, Robert let me know that he’s about halfway done through them, and adding to it when he has time.


Awesome! Thanks for the update

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That artwork is amazing, give whoever drew that a high five


Wow. That artwork is amazing.

you actually cant see all of it in the picture above


Is it possible to get the full art picture so cool

Here’s the splash art with the logo lower right so it doesn’t cut out as much of the picture in case you want it as a background. We could turn this into an in game furniture picture item if players are interested in that.


thank you @Robert you awesome

yeah, it would make a good furniture piece

This might go far into speculation mode, but looking at the picture is this suggesting that the devs aren’t happy with how the Bard, Musky and Scoundrel are currently and are planning to make long term changes to them? (I know this was said about the Bard in the far past by the dev that should not be named anymore)

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i feel musketeer is still a good class in orbus that is much needed

I would not read anything into which classes the artist decided to picture with their artistic freedom. :slight_smile:

Let’s pretend they are hiding further back away from the fighting to provide support.

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