Still no name change function?

I originally made a character name that was to match my friend, who later quit the game. After that I was left with a high level account with a name I despise unless I was with them so I quit as well. Came back hoping to play again for the first time in a couple years to find still no name change function. Am I just looking in the wrong spot and if not why hasn’t a function like this been added?

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You have to DM @Game_Master to get a name change.

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Usually in MMOs, a name change function isn’t readily available unless you have a systems in place to keep all that information stored. Just so shady characters don’t abuse the system. This “system” has never existed in Orbus before (to my knowledge) so it’s always been done by hand and not an automated system.

This right here would be your best bet in having it happen ASAP.

Most mmos (AAA studio ones like world of warcraft or ff14) allow you to purchase a name change. But orbus does have a place for it in the barbershop token when remaking your character it was just never made functional.

pretty sure it was intentionally disabled for the barbershop token, I don’t think they wanted people to be able to change their name willy nilly, and rather have some control themselves over peoples name-changes.

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