Storage Chest Tabs

Currently you have to keep running around to deposit ingredients into different chests. It’s very inconvenient and time consuming. It would be a fairly easy feature to add that adds a lot of benefit and saves a lot of clicks for people to make all the other chests available as Tabs via the main chest, i.e. Furniture Tab, Alchemy Tab, Lure Tab, Potions Tab, etc… This way you can just open the main storage chest click through each appropriate tab and hit “Deposit All” to deposit the appropriate ingredients to each chest. Any ingredients left over can be deposited under the main Storage Chest tab via the respective “Deposit All” button.

Note: The other chests will still be available individually, this would just be a “shortcut”.


You can deposit them all in the same chest, you just need to move a few feet to put them in the crafting chests if you’re crafting.

You still have to run to the basement everytime though which this would make a lot better as it will just send them there from the button on the main chest, it would be a great QoL improvement to banking supplies


Would not be a bad idea, however, there would be tabs needed above or below the home chest one’s since there’s no more space at this interface. And I’m not sure if potions should be in there, I would definitly confuse things at one point and put out my aged potions, accidentally.
To make transport easier the overencumbered should not apply while in player house.

Two more special tabs I’d really like to see at some point are:

  • Shared tab for alt-chest or even better “Access” alt-chest
  • Access Fellowship Chest
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