Story mission to level?

Hi All, I’m starting to get the impression that the only missions that award XP in Orbus are daily missions to Kill X from Darius. Is this true? Do story missions do anything other than reputation? I tried a story mission yesterday and all I got was 250 rep.

Is there a traditional quest line I can get on that will show me the world and give me enough XP to level and explore the world or is that not a thing in orbus and I’m chasing an assumption based on other MMOs?

There should be many different ways to get experience:

  • Missions from all the different quest types (Kill, BG, Dragon Race, Critter Capture, Public Event, Salvaging, Fishing)
  • Public Events
  • Dungeons

The lore quests give rep but not experience.

Edit: it is my understanding that there will be a main story quest in the future. That one may give xp as well, but I don’t know what’s been confirmed.

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Thanks as usual Atropos, this answers my question I think. There is no ‘Main Story’ quest chain that awards XP and gear to go chase down.

Just edited my last one to clarify. I think a MSQ chain is coming later.

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Awesome, hopefully sooner than later as it’s an MMO trope new players will be looking for, especially with the upcoming influx of quest users.

it would be cool if the whole main story line took you to all PvE zones, with optional steps that led into all the dungeons available.

Kinda like the missions do? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe I haven’t seen that yet then, I only keep getting the same type of missions from Darius to go and kill X around Highsteppe. Are those what you’re talking about and eventually they’ll send me somewhere else?

Darius will only provide kill quests. Marlowe in the center tree hub will give battlegrounds quests, Chef Lethrow will give fishing quests, the Mayor will give Public Event quests, Pierre Cenn will give critter capture quests, Sicilus (downstairs) will give dragon racing quests, and the salvaging lady (I forget her name – minnow?) gives salvaging quests.

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Also for story, make sure you’re hitting the “…” speech bubble in the top right in case there might be something new, but yea, just reputation for those. As your reputation increases, more story will unfold.
Salvage quest giver is Whisper, although I like the sound of Minnow xD

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