Story Quest is broken

My story quest is not starting on entering the green lady forrest. I still can loot the Nights Emblem but i cant do the quest on my Character.

what quest are you currently on when looking at quest joirnal?

I have 3 quests atm.

  1. Witch’s Runespeak
  2. Noahs Ark Wenderwood ( First quest Finished)
  3. Treats

Completed quests
1 Tutorial
2 Mage Quests
3 Kill that “rabbits” and the “rabbits” return (don`t know the mob name :D)
4 The 2 Coocking Quests
5 The Gost hunting

so you completed the second chefs quest by gathering the red truffle but it didnt give you the forest secrets quest? did you gather the red truffle while on the chefs quest pr did you gather the red truffle beforehand?

i lootet the truffle before i got the chef quest.
and right the forest secrets didn`t start

so i have never entered the green ladys forrest with the second chef quest

okay, for the quest mechanic to work you have to be on the quest of the “demanding chef part 2” and enter the green lady forest and that triggers the next quest (you stumble upon the bandits camp). How were you able to harvest the red truffle before being on that quest? it should only spawn in while on the “demanding chef quest part 2”?

it wasnt visual but a member of my group got that quest and could see the truffels. so he say me were i need to hit my harvesting tool. the idear behind that was that i not have to move all the way back ^^

oh ya that would be it, well have to look into a diff way of hiding them so that you wont be able to do that because it ruins the quest chain, what is you in game name?

My ingame name is Alderion

I just found an other litle bug. You cant turn youre vision wile holding a mage wand. With every other weapon it is working.

okay ill PM you when Riley gets back on later you will have to log off while he fixes it

okay i wait for your pn

@Seradin Go ahead and log off when you get a chance and let mek now when you are and I will fix your quest thing for you.

i am offline right now. let me know when i can go back in the the game ^^

Okay you should be good to go I think!

Not sure if you logged back in or not but you should be able to go over to the bandit camp and it will give you the quest “Forest Secrets” then you can collect the knights symbol and take it to Bishop Roma at Highsteppe near the Airship platform. You shouldnt have to talk to the Chef again

ok i try it right now and give you a feedback

okay im just hopping in game ill be around highsteppe if u need help with it

can i log in already?