Stress Test Client Download

The stress test client is now available for download. You can get it here:

[Link removed, since the test is over.]

Note that the server will not be online until tomorrow (that’s Saturday, October 8th) at 7PM Central Standard Time.

Once you’ve downloaded the client, extract the folder in the zip file to anywhere on your computer. To run the game, open up the folder and launch the “OrbusVR_Launcher.exe” application. As shown here:

If all goes well, you should see a login prompt where you can enter your OrbusVR account email and password. Then once you’re logged in you will see that the server is not online yet.

Once the server is online, you will be able to Create a Character and then click on the character to launch the game and login to the server.

I’ll be posting some additional information about the actual gameplay, including a brief overview of each class, tomorrow. But I wanted to get the client up so people could get it downloaded in plenty of time.

Let me know if you run into any issues with downloading, launching, or logging in to the client.

Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Hmm … Windows Defender sees your mono.dll file as a trojan. It deleted that file and another .dll.

Work Around: Delete folder (if you extracted alread), Disable Windows Defender, Re-extract file.!cl&threatid=2147706281&enterprise=0

Well that’s not good! I will investigate here shortly.

EDIT: So it seems this was being caused by an anti-cheat toolkit we were using. It’s not a big deal to disable it for now since most everything is being checked server-side anyway, it was just an extra precaution. If you’re interested, here was the analysis on the mono.dll file that was being flagged:

As you can see most antivirus software agreed it wasn’t a virus, I think it was just the way the toolkit was modifying the client or something.

Anyway, I’ve updated the link in the original post with a new download that shouldn’t have that issue. If you want you can redownload it, although if you already previously downloaded it and it wasn’t an issue for you it should be fine.

Thanks for the heads up!

This village looks epic! to bad we can’t try out the game singleplayer :disappointed:


Well, it is an MMO after all… :slight_smile:

Excited to try it out! Have you guys toyed with the notion of just leaving a server up that just resets once a day or something along those lines? The waiting to play is killing me! :wink:

Dante, dev for Onward faced the same issue. Not sure how he got around it but there’s probably info out there somewhere.

I agree or atleast make a smaller server with maybe 10 slots that is always up that way some people can come in and try it