Stress Test: During the Test Thread

This is the thread where we’ll be communicating with you during the test. For example, announcing that the servers are up, we need to restart them, answering your questions about how to do something in the game, etc.

Feel free to post in here as you’re playing in the stress test and we’ll do our best to respond quickly :slight_smile:

There will be a separate thread after the test is over for bug reports, feedback suggestions, etc.

The server is now online. Enjoy!

There are now two shards up, so we have around 45 people online. Let us know how it’s going!

Server seemes to freeze

One of the servers just crashed. If it’s frozen for you then it’s crashed. If you got DC’ed then just reload the game again. We’re going to leave it at current levels for a bit but we may do a server restart and lower the number of players per server here in a bit if it happens again.

We’re restarting the server now, stand by.

Had to close out the game for a second and now I can’t get back in. Get a Websocket connection closed by remote host. Connection Error

Okay the server is restarted. We lowered the number of players per shard for now. Go ahead and try and log back in. Thanks!

We have around 60 people online right now, just FYI.

Noticing a bug where sometimes when you die you aren’t getting transported back to the start area like you should. And it looks like everything freezes. If that happens, just teleport again and you’ll be back where you were with full health. Obviously something we’ll want to fix long-term but for now we’re not too worried about it :slight_smile:

We had to restart the server again…not totally sure what went wrong there. Everything was humming along and then it just suddenly stopped responding. So you’ll have to log back in again.

Note that your XP and level is saved so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Websocket connection closed by remote host. Connection Error

Same thing happened when they rebooted the servers last time

So some people just tried to summon the boss and it crashed a server. Going to try and fix that push it out so it can be summoned properly.

As the barbarian that tried to summon the boss, sorry guys. :frowning:

I think we’ve tracked down the issue. Here in about 5 minutes we’re going to restart the server and then we’re going to try and summon the boss with some folks. It’s over by the spiders down the path :slight_smile:

Issuing a restart now…

I could not get the barbarian to work well at all. I could see when I swung at the right time, the red circles would flash. But it was not fun. Much better would be a hit timer for each axe. Let me swing like a maniac, but the hit only counts after the timer.

As for the ranger, The arrow draw was way off. I had to draw uncomfrotably far back to get the arrow to trigger. I would make the draw half that.

Loved the crossbows, felt really good.

Wand draw was awesome …

We had about 11 people fighting the boss, it looked really awesome!

Then people just kept killing it over and over again and then eventually the server crashed.

Our numbers are definitely dwindling a the test goes on. Thanks to everyone who is sticking it out and helping us catch bugs on our end. Much appreciated. Hope you all are having fun!