Stress test footage... a little late I know

Hi all,

My friend Matt and I recorded our footage of Orbus and finally got around to editing it together. You all know what the game looks like but if you spot yourself please do shout, I’m so excited for the next test and cant express enough how much I cant wait to get back in game :smiley:

As such it’d be good to speak to the those who I have traded thoughts and ideas with here!
Anyway, if you’re interested, I’m nicknamed, Blue and I’m the short one. :smile:


I go see that :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the next one and having learnt how audio levels are will definitely have better luck recording it. Admittedly we were rather “sod the recording lets get in and play!!!” the first time round haha

there is a youtuber named MastergamingVR. i have never seen him stream but he makes great Orbusvr videos. check out his youtube channel for tons of VR game videos.

I saw his videos too. I hope he uploads for the upcoming test

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