Struggling rune mages don’t quit!

So I started this game a week ago. After looking at all classes I decided I wanted to be a rune mage. Hahaha I did not know what I was getting into! I guess they don’t call it very advanced for nothing! I haven’t really got to any exploring or anything.

For the most part my gameplay has consisted of trying to consistently pull off fireball 2 and a couple other spells. I think it was the 3D drawing aspect that was throwing me off when drawing but now I can finally 80% of the time successfully cast fireball, pushback, and mana shield.

This feels fantastic and now I can finally adventure out of highsteppe. Very excited to see what’s out there to participate in events and do some missions and quests. The best advice I got was to keep my elbow tucked by my side so I could draw flat as possible and what a difference it has made.

The next couple spells I want to consistently pull off are affliction 2, the chicken spell, frost 2, and ice spear. Will probably be at least another week of practicing before I can get them consistently. Either way I made this post because I was excited and if your a fellow struggling rune mage don’t quit it’s worth it!


A couple of tips:
First off, Affliction 2 is a very difficult spell (at least in my opinion). I practiced for weeks trying to learn how to do the spell, with only a couple of successful casts. However, when i looked up a shortcut for it, i learned it in about 2 hours. This is the same for most other spells. Shortcuts are easier to cast, and you can cast them faster as well.
For Frost 2 i recommend just drawing a capital letter P, but pointy instead of rounded.
For polymorph, i definitely recommend looking up a shortcut, but that might just be cause i suck at polymorph lol
As for icelance, it looks cool and is fun to draw, but it has almost zero usefulness in any situation. Because of the cooldown on it, you cannot cast any spells for like a second after casting icelance, and since most good mages can cast 2-3 fireballs per second this seriously hampers mage capability.

This might seem like a lot of information, but please do not quit. Runemage is one of the most unique aspects of Orbusvr, and believe me, it is well worth all the time you spend practicing!


It took me 10 hours of training on dummy’s to even get 66% of my spells working. But now I do more damage than most of the other classes my level. Don’t give up, it’s very rewarding.:grinning:


This is my life right now…feeling like the crappiest Rune Mage.
I’m trying to focus on getting down 3 spells:
Fireball 2
Affliction 2 (Deceleri and Mishka…I am your worst student…I’ve watched you both cast this and still I suck)

Once I get these down life will be good.

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Thanks a lot I appreciate the tips. So far I’ve been able to cast most spells the trick to polymorph is to draw a sideways hourglass except make sure you draw the height shorter than the length. That’s been working pretty well for me about 50% of the time.

Affliction 2 is still kicking my butt lol but gonna try to get it down!
Thanks again super fun class I am addicted to the grind :joy:


Yes sir I think the biggest thing for me was conquering the 3D aspect. Once you practice with your arm in a certain position and check your spell for flatness I think it goes off way more even if the drawing is off a bit. I’ve definitely drawn some crappy fireball 2’s but I think they’ve gone off because of the flatness of the spell.

If you get affliction 2 down let me know lol that’s the only one giving me a super hard time. I’ve tried drawing that one the regular way and a couple different shortcuts and the only way I seem to ever get it is by sheer luck. Probably casts 5% of the time for me

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Yep the flatness of spells is a big deal. I’m trying to “immobilize” my arm by using an arm rest on my gaming chair. FB2 is starting to get close to muscle memory (though I definitely still suck). The trick is having pushback dialed so I don’t have to move my arm up to cast it.

I know for sure that affliction shortcuts are really hard to get because of how flat I’ve naturally learned to make them. When I look at my other spells from the side they are sorta flattish but when I look at my affliction from the side it looks absolutely perfectly razorblade thin. I’ve subconsciously learned to do it really well because of how difficult it is to get to cast.

Leaving your spells in the air and looking at them from the side is a good way to figure out where you might be able to improve though. It can be super jarring finding out how unflat your casting is and you can make a conscious effort to correct places where you need to push in or out more.

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Met a really cool guy named Ballum today and he gave me a good tip for affliction 2:
Draw affliction 1 diamond with legs and circle it making sure the circle touches the diamond points.

This is a beginner shortcut that is much faster than the envelope but WAAAAY slower than the expert level short cuts (8 ball, fat B, and blessing of Rupert). However it increased my A2 to about 40% (it was 5% before so this is miraculous).

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Thanks for sharing Baz mac the shortcuts never seem to work for me :pensive:. I’ll definitely try this out and let you know how it goes for me. Next I want to start learning teleport spells as those should come in handy! I’ve been able to draw most spells mostly successful but that affliction 2 is a doozy haha.

Also I noticed if I get panicky during combat it really hurts my casting. I’ve gotten fairly comfortable with polymorph too which is just a fun spell and is helpful when trying to escape a strong enemy.

I’ve spent all my time casting and monster hunting I can’t wait to do some other stuff like fishing, potion making, dungeons ect…

Runemage panic…it’s a real thing. Today I was outside doing the defend Highsteppe event…and before things got started I was drawing beautiful perfect "3"s for pushback. Then later I go and try soloing Stafrutes (the big burly tree guys) and I see the dude charge up to hit me…and I draw two crappy 3’s in a row…and wake up in the graveyard in a pool of my own failure.

I can’t get poly to cast for the life of me…but yes…I want to have that one locked in for when I aggro stuff that I don’t wanna fight.

I recommend checking out this dudes Dungeon Guide before you queue up for Dungeons:

Good guide for new players, if you don’t fall asleep during his soothing dark voice over :smiley:

That said, the information within is spot on.